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  1. ChihuahuaTN

    Frozen Beer in Fermenter...Help!

    Dear everybody I hope everyone can find some humor in this post! This was my 15th all grain brew an IPA (I called it mean marsupial due to Secret Vic Australian hops) I hit all my numbers and my efficiency was great. I hit my FG and on day 16 elected to cold crash. Everything was running...
  2. ChihuahuaTN

    AG IPA Advice

    Hello All Homebrewers, This is my first post so be easy on me! I need some advice. I did my first AG brew this Monday and I have a few questions regarding fermentation time and bottling time. Mondays AG brew went ok, I missed my mashing temp of 153 for 90min for a mash temp of 148-149 for...