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  1. Jwin

    When you forget about a bad batch for 2 years.

    Ok, so I didn't forget, I just didn't get to throwing it out. Also, it was my first bucket batch in a few years and I'm pretty sure lacto from grain got in it. Then pedio. The my basement biodome collapsed upon itself as it dehydrated/off gassed from 5g of second runnings to a syrup of 2 qts or...
  2. Jwin

    Infected Starter? (Can't find the infected thread)

    I noticed this about a week ago. Pretty sure it's bad. Left it to see what happens. This is the second(step up) starter of some 3787 so it could have picked up a bug along the way. I think it's growing, but I'm not sure. Can only see well from below. Whatcha think? Would be going in 10g...
  3. Jwin

    Help Mold/mildew in dry Speidel

    After a 2 month hiatus, I'm getting ready for a brew day Friday. Opened my 60l Speidel and found small black clusters of spores growing inside. I promptly rinsed, wiped, rinsed, Clorox wiped, rinsed, wiped and finally poured boiling water down the walls of it. Figured a bleach soak is in order...
  4. Jwin

    Idea for testing new gas lines in keezer. Will it work?

    I'll finally be assembling the rest of the keezer tomorrow. Liquid side is done. Just the gas remains. I'm using one primary outside, and one secondary reg inside with a split before the secondary and a distro after the secondary. Should give me my 3 serving lines and on higher psi carbing...
  5. Jwin

    Wanted fresh Firestone W Dbl Jack

    Never done any trading here but been craving some Dbl Jack since I finished off my NY suitcase (I left clothes in NYC to bring back beer). Unfortunately FW doesn't distribute near TN. I can PayPal or trade. I have access to 2017 Doom and KBS. Have a 2016 Worldwide Stout. Work at a killer beer...
  6. Jwin

    Quitting my job, family of 4. What next?

    This is such a great community, I figured I would reach out and see what you guys have to say. I have been a GM for a major pizza chain for a decade. I've hit a wall and put in a notice, but have no other job lined up yet. I'm very good at my job. I simply don't enjoy any aspect of it any...
  7. Jwin

    Q:Why put temp probe in RIMS tube?

    Excuse me if this is a dumb question, but... Why is it common practice to place the temp sensor for a PID I side the rims tube? It would seem more beneficial to place it either in the mash or on the output of the MT, pre RIMS. I assume there is a safety aspect to it to ensure the RIMS doesn't...
  8. Jwin

    Tennessee Any group buys in Nashville?

    If anyone has a lead on Nashville area grain group buy, please post it. Due to life, I've yet to join any clubs but I'd be down for several sacks if/when a buy comes up. I do know/have met several other area brewers on the north side and could help grow the buy as well. I love Rebel and...
  9. Jwin

    Tennessee FT/FS: 2 ball lock for 2 pin lock+QDs Nashville

    I have two ball locks for trade for two pin locks I'll toss in some QDs if you do the same They have newish gaskets and poppets all around(1-2 batches each) May or may not be clean depending on timeline and workload. One may come with a few gallons of fizzy yellow stuff in it. I'm just north of...
  10. Jwin

    Help, Keg posts won't pass gas or liguid

    Skip to last paragraph for the gist. Pick up a pair of pin locks. One Cornelius and one Fireatone (I think, solid black handle, no markings aside from coca cola). Cleaned them up, new orings and poppets(universal from amazon). I had a hard time with the posts at reassemble but figured it out...
  11. Jwin

    Half off hops sale at Rebel Brewer

    Not sure where to post this or if it breaks any rules but has a hop sale going on and #s in stock if anyone is interested. Not affiliated, just my lhbs and a group of good guys.
  12. Jwin

    Nashville 20# co2 tank for???

    Got an older 20#er for trade. Neighbor sold me several various tanks as a bundle, but I don't need them all. Live in Goodlettsville/Ridgetop and work in Hermitage. I think the hydo test I old, but I think you can just trade it in at volunteer welding. That's my plan anyway. Trade for ?
  13. Jwin

    Tennessee Nashville FS/FT Older 20# co2 tank LOCAL ONLY

    NOT shipping. Scored a handful of tanks and don't need them all. I'm pretty sure that the hydro test has expired on all, but I'm just gonna swap mine out at Volunteer Welding downtown. I live near Ridgetop/Goodlettsville and work in Hermitage. Tank is untested and as-is. I'll post a photo at...
  14. Jwin

    could/should I mash roasted grain in sparge water?

    looking at doing 11g of the KTG clone recipe and gyling off of it. I dont want to gyle a porter/brown as I have 11g of porter crashing now. Would rather add a few #s 2row and do a long batch sparge while i boil the KTG wort. I had the thought of mashing/steeping my roasted grains in a...
  15. Jwin

    Mold in spiedel fermenter spigot - now cold crashing

    Was dumb/lazy and took a sample in my 60l spiedel and didn't flush the spigot. Has mold it in now. I flushed it with vodka and took some qripa to it but I'm sure there is more I can't get to. Is enough scrubbing and vodka/star San gonna do it? It has 11g in it and I have a shotty back so I...
  16. Jwin

    Tennessee Nashville 55g Blichmann kettle $550

    Not mine but someone might want it
  17. Jwin

    HELP Stuck at 1.025 on Brutus FW Double Jack clone

    OG 1.095(checked hydrometer) AG, no adjuncts Mashed 149-148 for 90+(used 2 thermometers) No sparge (gyled) Yeast 002. 10g batch 2L starter Raised to 74 for the last 5 days. Nothing, stuck at 1.025 Rousing 002 is like trying to mix water and jello. I realize I am at the extreme lower end of the...
  18. Jwin

    This back a Diy hop randall?

    Not sure about the materials, but seems like it could work.
  19. Jwin

    Willlonger shank=colder tap=better pour in standup keezer

    Tittle says it all. Wondering if a longer shank would/could equal a more uniform(colder) shank temp, avoiding a potentially warmer pour on the first pint. Application would be a stand up kenmore keezer My thaughtprocess is more exposed metal could result in a better transfer of temperature...
  20. Jwin

    BB Vanilla Porter recipe critique please

    Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Robust Porter did this as a 5 gallon batch, adjusted and adapted to 11 gallons all feedback is appreciated.:D I would add another # of coffee malt, but LHMS doesnt carry it. Compensated with an extra 8oz of chocolate malt wyeast 1335 British Ale II SRM: 33.8 SRM SRM...