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  1. pfish83

    Berliner Weisse Fruitpop in Hell (Heavily Fruited Kettle Soured Berliner with Lactose)

    So did you add puree direct add kegging or did you add secondary fermentation and then keg?
  2. pfish83

    Pitching yeast slurry

    Yea I pitched the whole thing. I sent an email to get some additional info on the strain as I wasn't there to pick it up. Thanks everyone!
  3. pfish83

    Pitching yeast slurry

    Here's the separation
  4. pfish83

    Pitching yeast slurry

    I received a mason jar of yeast from a commercial brewer. A friend got it and they just pulled it from the bottom of the fermenter. It's a day old and has been in my fridge. Anything wrong with just pitching the whole thing since it's so fresh? Should I wash/rinse? Do I need a starter? Thanks
  5. pfish83

    Lowering Ferm temps

    I understand the concept of a swamp cooler and can fix it by just putting them in my chest freezer, just wanted to know if its too late to lower halfway through fermentation. Thanks.
  6. pfish83

    Lowering Ferm temps

    Just bought a house and brewed 4 times in the last two weeks for a house warming party in October. My old house had a basement that was perfect to ferment in without having to control it. This house is very efficient and so the beers have been at 72 pretty consistently (wife won't let me lower...
  7. pfish83

    FT: Pliny/Heady Topper

    What about Even Less Jesus from Stillwater/Evil Twin?
  8. pfish83

    Looking for Rare Barrel/Pliny

    I can swap some rare Stillwater beers. I live literally a block from Stillwater's home base, Of Love & Regret, which is a bar/bottle shop in Baltimore. Looking for Pliny and anything from the Rare Barrel. Thanks. Mark
  9. pfish83

    Electric Brewing Supply reviews

    Berrywise - I felt the same way. After reading these reviews and reaching out to some commercial clients of ebrewsupply I am going to pull the trigger on a 50a panel from Ryan. Thanks all.
  10. pfish83

    Electric Brewing Supply reviews

    For the better part of the last year I have tried to piece together/build my own control panel. My very limited electrical knowledge is having me rethinking the DIY thing and just spending the money on a panel. Does anyone have an panel?? They are significantly cheaper than The...
  11. pfish83

    Delaware Bottles, Kegs, Carboys, etc...

    next in line if people fall through. i can drive up tonight. thanks.
  12. pfish83

    Sorachi Blonde Hop Schedule

    How did .25oz at 45, 20, 15 and 5 work out with the BM Centennial Blonde grain bill?
  13. pfish83

    Baltimore City Water Report

    brewESQ - I am brewing a black ipa so your saying I should add just chalk or baking soda and no gypsum or calcium chloride?
  14. pfish83

    Maryland Corney Kegs

    How much for the manifold? I am in Baltimore. May be interested in 1 ball lock and the manifold.
  15. pfish83

    District of Columbia Equipment for Brewing 10g Batches (DC Metro)

    Interested in the grain mill. I send you a PM. I can pick up. Mark
  16. pfish83

    1k ohm 1w resistors question

    I am putting together one of PJ's control panel builds. I am confused how to incorporate the 1k ohm 1w resistors. I bought a bunch of them and it shows in the diagram to run from line 2 to a fuse (1 amp fast blow) to 2 1k ohm 1 watt resistors. How do you add these to the wires. Do they have to...
  17. pfish83

    Simple 30A Control Panel Build Thread

    P-J, Really beginner question here but I know in most of your diagrams it says "Power Input from main breaker panel is from a 30 amp breaker to a 4 conductor 30 amp receptacle." Can I run something simple like this (1 PID, 1 5500W Element, 2 pumps) from my dryer power receptacle?
  18. pfish83

    Baltimore City Water Report

    Rmike, are you filtering at all first?
  19. pfish83

    Baltimore City Water Report

    Awesome! Thanks Rmike. I have been planning to send my water to WARD. You saved me a step and some time.
  20. pfish83

    My Kal / Electric Brewery Build

    looks great. looking forward to following for some ideas!