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  1. shemp

    What every homebrewer (and homeowner) needs!

    OK. I've been using one of these for 2 decades and have been meaning to share how helpful it is for brewing, as well as a million other things. Here it is. Pittsburgh Automotive 500 lbs. Capacity Hydraulic Table Cart...
  2. shemp

    Brew Boss with RIMS tube, high gravity beers

    Just finished brewing a batch of Russian Imperial Stout with my modified Brew Boss system and couldn't be happier. I've made 3 different size pots to use with the brew boss. 5, 15 and 20. I've run into trouble with high gravity beers due to biab's low efficiency. I'm not using the COFI...
  3. shemp

    Liked posts

    Is there a way to find all the posts I "liked"?
  4. shemp

    Drilling a Concord Kettle

    I purchased an 80 Qt Concord from ebay and am trying to drill a pilot hole about 2 inches from the bottom and am having a ridiculously tough time. 5 broken bits and still not through. All cobalt, slow rpm with firm pressure and cutting oil. I've had no trouble drilling my keggles. What a...
  5. shemp

    Newbie to electric brewing

    I'm about to go electric and am confused on my 240v power supply. I have a 240v outlet that was supposed to be used for a welder that I never purchased. It's being fed by 2 60 amp cb's in my garage subpanel. The building has a concrete floor. I thought this would automatically be gfci since...
  6. shemp

    Digital Freezer ok?

    I found a good deal on a commercial freezer but it's digital. Is this ok to use with a digital temp controller? Thanks Shemp
  7. shemp

    Looking for a summer lager to brew

    This will be my first lager. I'm mostly a hop head but feel the need to diversify, especially in the summer. I'll brew a wheat for sure but want a pale lager as well. I like Stella ok. Any suggestions?
  8. shemp

    Conical ferment valve open or closed

    Im doing my first conical double batch in a 15 gal plastic fermenter with a yeast collector on the bottom. I decided to keep the valve closed. I'm 5 days into it and decided to open the valve to dump the trub. So far, nothing coming out but I think it will let loose soon. Wondering what...
  9. shemp

    How long is your brew day?

    As I progress through this awesome hobby and add complexity and quantity, I'm finding the time required to brew is getting excessive. I just brewed a double batch of all grain ipa and it took me about 7 hours including clean up. Im batch sparging and using a double kettle technique. My mlt is...
  10. shemp

    How to edit a post

    Hey guys, sorry for the stupid question but I can't figure out how to edit one of my old posts. tia Shemp
  11. shemp

    Plumbing your Keezer-101, John Guest fittings and basic keg info

    I've spent a good part of the last 2 day's trying to figure out what fittings I will need for my keezer design. I've done my share of home improvement/repair plumbing jobs around the house and often came away frustrated with all the different options used to connect things together to move a...
  12. shemp

    John Guest fittings

    I'm looking for a source for these and haven't had much luck. Anyone buy these recently? Thanks Going to mfl/ffl into a keezer is proving to be a big headache. When I get mine done, I will list very specific details.
  13. shemp

    Using a mixer to stir

    I tried a new method for stirring my dry yeast during rehydrating. I used my wife's mixer for 30 minutes. Worked great buy I'm wondering if this is a bad idea considering its completely open to air for that entire time and possibly allowing wild bacteria to join the party. I'm building a...
  14. shemp

    CDN Probe thermometer

    Anyone else having trouble with this probe? I'm on my second probe in a few months and it just crapped out on my second batch. They start to read too high. To the companys credit, they sent me a replacement at no cost. I'm going to try it one more time before switching to something else.
  15. shemp

    Pre boil gravity too high, finish ok though

    Brewed an ag ipa yesterday and had a weird gravity reading. I wanted to mash at 153 but ended up with 149 (after adding 12 oz of boiling water). My pre boil gravity was 1.072 instead of the estimated 1.059. Yes, I corrected for temp and quantity was accurate. The post boil gravity was right...
  16. shemp

    Black box differences?

    Does anyone know the difference between the early black box's vs the current? Thanks
  17. shemp

    Anyone remove the freezer from their fridge?

    I have an old (think Honeymooners) GE fridge as my kegerator with a tiny built in freezer, like the dorm fridge's. If I can remove the freezer portion, I can fit 3 corny's in there. I believe the freezer is made by just adding more coolant loops to the freezer section. I dont want to cut and...
  18. shemp

    Hurrying my Saison

    I have a labor day party coming up so decided to brew a people pleaser Saison. I just put it in the primary today and need to keg it in 10 days. I'm thinking about splitting it up into 2 secondaries so I can keep one of them in the secondary longer. I dont think we'll drink more than a couple...