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    So we were in Gatlinburg for the holiday.....

    We're walking around in the city Friday night, and I see this older woman stumble and nearly fall after tripping over one of those handicap accessible sidewalk dents/ramps. I wondered out loud, how many people have tripped on those things and actually became handicapped as a result of the...
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    Was it in the stars? You tell me

    Okay, I like to collect beer stuff, mugs, signs, coasters, you name it...... So today at work, I'm getting ready to go to lunch, I walk over to turn off my radio, and at the same time I'm reaching in my pocket to get some change for the coke machine. The song "mamas don't let your babies grow...
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    So...I'm drinking my first brew

    My first ever home brew, an American wheat extract kit from Northern Brewer, sat in the primary for 3 weeks, bottled last Sunday, and sitting at room temp for a week now. I simply HAD to know how it tasted, so I put one in the freezer for about 45 minutes, and just cracked it open. I have to...
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    Freezing water jugs to cool wort?

    So my last brew day, I did the ice bath thing to get my wort down to pitching temps, but I was thinking, since I'm topping off with water (5 gallon batch, 2.5 gallon boil), why couldn't I freeze 3 jugs of the spring water I use, and cut the jug away and add the blocks of ice, instead of just...
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    I can be a real moron sometimes

    So, I've been getting stuff together to start brewing since the first of this year, I bought a beginners brewing kit from Northern brewer with the bottling bucket, fermenter, a capper, a bottle filler, and some plastic tubing. About a month ago, when all my stuff arrived, I unpacked it and gave...
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    Bass pro fish fryer

    Just a heads up for those who may be interested, I grabbed one of these today at my local BassPro. I figure for $29 I'd be able to deep fry more stuff, and use the base to brew outdoors.
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    First brew jitters

    So, I have been planning my first solo brew all week, and tomorrow is the big day. I have all of my gear together, and will brewing the Northern brewer American Wheat kit. I've got the step by step instructions and DVD, and I'm really pumped about getting something in the fermentors. I...
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    Bottling JAOM

    SO, I found some brand new swing top bottles for a great price. I had planned on just leaving my 3 1 gallon batches in the cabinet for at least six months, but after tasting a few days ago, I am quite happy with the product. I started all three batches on December 31, so I'm 4.5 months in now...
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    JAOM and fermentation questions

    So, I have two 1 gallon batches of JAOM going right now, one I started on new years day, the other, last saturday, and they both seem to be doing well, and smell really good. My question is about the bubbles, I've seen others here reference "churning" or "violent" fermentation, and neither of...