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    Beer storage temp?

    I'm planning a few batches for a family members wedding and have some beer storage questions. This is the first event of this kind I've done and am looking for advice. The bottom line question; is it OK to let beer come back up to room temp after a cold crash? Is there a recommended process...
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    CO2 quality difference?

    Are there different "grades" of CO2? I work in an industrial setting where we have our own fire protection systems. We have the capability to refill the portable CO2 fire extinguisher bottles. The label just states CO2. The fittings work. It's free... (well, probably would cost me a 6 pack...
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    First time Sour - kind of

    SO, there I was, trying my first Lambic thinking "I gotta try and brew this". A few dollars later I had the American Sours book heading home. But i'm a little adventurous and enjoy learning from mistakes. And I had a few extra buckets lying around that I could use. Can you sense the...
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    Critique my Brew Notes:

    I'm getting there. I'm learning a lot with each brew I do. I started taking notes. This last brew was not IDEAL by any stretch of the imagination and a lot just doesn't seem to add up. I'm hoping for a "mentor" type thing where I can get some constructive criticism and get some answers to...
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    Fixable, and question.

    Searched for this and didn't see much. What is the shelf life for the different ingredients? LME, DME, un milled grain? Is there a way to add some body and volume after pitching the yeast? I'm thinking about doing a small boil of about 2 lbs of DME and just adding it to a secondary...