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    Stinky better bottle dog did try to hide the bottle from me...she's a great dane, so it was easy for her :) I'll try oxyclean, no more bleach but I thought plastic was easy to clean, no odors or any type of residues. Don't want to use glass, there are horrible histories on glass carboys. has...
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    Stinky better bottle

    Hi Guys, 3 month ago I forgot to wash my better bottle (I know, I know...but pregnant wife and some other issues makes you forget almost everything). One month later, I saw the better bottle full of fungus and other gray stuff, so I put some bleach and I was going to rinse it but I was on call...
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    Sam Adams Summer Ale

    I know this is an old thread, but I would love to brew this recipe. Does anyone knows ferm times and aging for this recipe??
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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale

    Is it liquid vanilla extract? like the one you found at the supermarket?
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    something that affects us ALL: shipping yeast and summer heat

    How long liquid yeast is supposed to live outside the fridge? Can it survive a 12 hour trip without an ice pack?
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    Caramel cream ale?

    Ok, please don't laugh but...what is Lactose and where can I get it?? Cheers :)
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    First kegerator

    Hi guys, I just purchased my first kegerator. It is used, so I need to replace the faucet (it's broken) and the beer line. I removed the faucet and I don't understand what parts I need to replace. I know that I need a new faucet, but I don't know what piece goes behind the faucet. The faucet...
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    BM's Centennial Blonde

    Did 5g of BM's Blonde last Saturday but with a twist, I added a little bit of lemmon zest. Resting on the primary right now, hope it turns out well.
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    Last Brew before Deployment

    No advice about beer. Thank you for what you do, come back safe!!
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    How many gallons of BierMuncher's Centennial Blonde have been brewed?

    8/9/08 annnnd +5 more (with a twist, lemmon zest ladies and gentleman)= 400
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    a question on the use of gelatin

    I was thinking on using some gelatin on my next batch. What kind of gelatin I should get and where? Any non-flavor commercial gelatin? Thanks Cheers
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    The benefits of gelatin

    Thanks guys, I want to make my beer more clear, so I'm planing to leave my HPA in the secondary for about 4 weeks at 35 degrees, I wasn't sure if gelatin is good for me. If I add gelatin and bottle, how long should I wait before putting a 12oz in te fridge? BierMuncher, I'll brewing your...
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    The benefits of gelatin

    Question: Can I use gelatin if I bottle my beer or just work only if you keg?
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    Delabeling + Bottling + Cleaning = 7 Hours

    Hey Guys, I haven't clean my bottles yet, I got some oxiclean versatile, don't know if is scented or not, smells like soap, but on the box it says: "carpets & linoleum, drains & disposals, sport equipment & toys, unfinished decks, fencing & siding, outdoor furniture & awning and much more..."...
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    Conditioning Temperature

    Thanks Riclark, I don't have too much space in my cooler, I hope I can bring the temperature down to 34 degrees with the iced bottles. I apologize for my ignorance, but I'm new in this, what is a Keezer?? Thanks again.
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    Conditioning Temperature

    Hi Guys, I have an Ed Wort House Pale Ale in my secondary for about 5 days. I want to make it the clearest possible, so I know I need to crash cold the secondary for several days, but I'm not sure when. Should I wait another 10 days an then crash cold or can start the ice bath now? Another...
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    Huis Pale Ale- 1st AG

    Same problem here, I'm looking for a fauntain pump but I don't know how much GPH should I get.
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    Hi Guys, I looking for a good Heffenweizen recipe for a 5.5g batch single infusion mash. I know there are a few on the recipe database, but I was hoping if any of you guys can recommend a recipe that you have already tried. I was thinking a strawberry Heff with a mild fruit flavor. Thoughts...
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    Huis Pale Ale- 1st AG

    newkarian, thanks a lot for your help and data, I'll try this product in my next batch and hope to prevent boilovers until I move to a bigger kettle. Thanks again. Cheers :tank:
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    Huis Pale Ale- 1st AG

    Ok, so fermcap is an anti-foam product. Does it affect the beer flavor in any way? Does it only control the foam during the boil or is it going to reduce the foam on the finished beer also? Where do I buy fermcap? Sorry to be a bother, but I'm new at this, and on my first AG boil I had a lot...