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    Roasted barley (300 SRM) subsitute

    Hi, i'm planning to brew a scotch next month(8gal), i'd like to do that recipe : My problem: i can't find 300 SRM roasted barley, only 1100-1400 ebc. I was thinking i could use half the roasted barley the recipe calls for, as what is...
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    First malt mill choice (Belgian)

    Hi, I've been making wine since 2+years now, i've made 2 malt extract kits and an all-grain Braggot(from "The compleat meadmaker") and i want to start all grain. I have 2 choices either buy pre-milled malt but i should throw away more than half of it each time, it's sold by 2,10 or 50lbs and...
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    Freeze processed apples

    Hi,last time i tried to make cider, i decided to freeze/thaw them (i don't have a grinder nor the skills to make one). But, the thawing was more time consuming than planned.I added a small volume of boiling water and put the pot on very low heat ( i didn't want to cook the apples). What is...
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    Rhubarb wine infected.

    Hi, I've been fermenting since a year now, but two month ago i got attacked by what I assume i a lacto-bacteria. There's a white film and White-ish bubbles floating, but there isn't an offtaste yet. I already lost 5l of mead and 10 l of cider. But i noticed signs of infection on my 25l carboy...