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    Beer Fest Prices

    I've never heard of getting tokens or having to pay for samples. We go to Louisville on tap, which is $45 40 or so breweries, and all you can drink for 2 or 3 hours. Brew at the zoo in Louisville was the same way, but I haven't been since 2014. And here in southern Indiana, we have fest of ale...
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    Home construction question

    You could get a 4x4 and wedge it under the beam, down to the floor, to take weight off the existing jack while you straighten it, or, you could just buy a new jack post at lowes or Home Depot (they're pretty inexpensive) and place it near the existing one if there is room to do so. Obviously...
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    Florida brewpubs and breweries, suggestions please!

    Yep, it's still there, I was by there in October, but didn't have time to stop, but last December we had lunch there. I had not been in several years, and it seems as if they have a LOT more local beers now, than they used to. Food isn't amazing, but decent, and of course the atmosphere is...
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    Florida brewpubs and breweries, suggestions please!

    Inlet harbor restaurant, just south of Daytona in Ponce inlet, has some good food, and pretty decent selection of local beer. And yes, Asheville is a great beer destination.
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    Lurking Celebrities on HBT???

    I'm Geddy Lee, all this time I thought this was a fantasy baseball site with a few wine recipes.
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    Vintage beer trucks

    I've got a closet full of older kits myself, used to really be into aircraft, but now I'm more into old cars and trucks, just no time to actually get into it.
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    Vintage beer trucks

    Makes me wanna get back into sratch building scale models again.....
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    I am going to go 31 days without beer...

    On January 1, 2015, I swore off alcohol for 90 days as I wanted to get in shape and lose 50 lbs. it was tough, but I did it, the worst part was when we went out to eat at one of our favorite places that had good beer selections, but I struggled through it. The cool thing was, when the 90 days...
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    If you were gifted $100,000...

    We got a little over 100Gs a few years ago, paid off the house, and I achieved my life long dream of sitting on the front row center at a Rush concert! Got an Alex Lifeson guitar pick. Also bought most of my homebrew equipment about that same time. Because of that money, and paying off our...
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    Kilkenny availability in the US

    I've had what's called Killkenny cream ale on tap at several places around Orlando Florida, could be a Disney exclusive thing, though. Also pretty sure I've seen it at my local bottle shop here in Indiana, I'll look when I go in there this weekend.
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    Sam Adams Cherry Wheat....

    Oh, I actively seek them out! I'm an optimistic type guy when it comes to beer, and if I hear someone going on about how good or bad a certain beer is, well, I have to see for myself. Some beers live up to their reputation, some don't, cherry wheat, for instance, to me, wasn't that bad. But...
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    Sam Adams Cherry Wheat....

    I went to my bottle shop today, and, as a result of this thread, brought home a 12 oz bottle of SA cherry wheat. I have to say, it is definitely not even in the top 25 of my worst beers ever list. It's not something I'd seek out, but I'd drink it again.
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    How to lock my kegerator?

    If you're just looking to "discourage" someone from getting into it, 3M makes some double sided tape that will create an unbelievably strong bond between metal, that would be the best route. I'd probably be more worried that someone would just wheel the whole fridge away.
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    So what do you say as a father

    Weapons training for sure, and a range membership, if you don't have a place to shoot. We're in the final stages of building an indoor range here in Southern Indiana, and you would not believe the amount of interest we have had from women.
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    The worst beer I have ever had in my life...

    I've given rolling rock several tries over the years, and while it's not the worst beer I've ever had, it definitely does suck, and, even though my tastes in beer have evolved over the years, that stuff still sucks in the same way! I guess they get points for consistency, anyway.
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    I hate #[email protected]#&*( Contractors

    Wow, just read through this thread, sorry you had to deal with all that! I consider myself lucky that I can do most remodel tasks myself, except hardwood floors, did a few years ago, and I am perfectly happy letting a professional do that job! We had a large tree fall and damage the front of...
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    Random Picture Thread

    Years ago, me and a buddy acquired a large quantity of firecrackers, I'm talking bricks of em' thousands upon thousands. It was 4th of July, so we wanted to do something spectacular with our surplus of fireworks. We settled on unwrapping the individual packs and throwing them all in a big pile...
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    Styles of Beer You Just Can't Stand

    I don't care for many of the fruit infused beers, unless the fruit happens to be grapefruit, then I can usually enjoy it. I will generally avoid pumpkin beers as well, even the more highly rated ones are just too syrupy for me. But yeah, jumping on the bandwagon here, I would say belgians are my...
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    The Walking dead

    Yeah, that's what I'm seeing happening at least for the remainder of this season, and it's really cool to think of everything that goes into rebuilding civilization "as we knew it", I just don't know how they will top the season opener in the future. There's already groups whining about how the...
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    The Walking dead

    The thing that gets me about the show, and I love the show, BUT, it seems like the writers are eventually gonna paint themselves into a corner. They keep raising the bar when it comes to shock value! Even with the "anything goes" society we have now, eventually, they're going to have to do some...