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    Corny Keg prices

    not much of a website but they come clean and pressure checked. shipping was about $15
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    reuseing yeast.....

    so I have been reading about washing yeast and just dumping a new batch right on top of a yeast cake after racking. so I was wondering can I just rack and leave the yeast cake in the fermenter for a few days then brew a new batch and dump on top. I'm just really lazy and busy lately and don't...
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    Drinkin' the first Home Brew...

    and.........he's hooked, haha looks good man:mug:
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    This is hilarious!

    haha thats great
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    Tooo Cool

    haha they have been playing that for a while up my way. funny song!
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    07.07.07 Recipe discussion thread

    how bout a bud light clone............ just kidding take it easy. I like the sound of a honey pale ale
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    07.07.07 Recipe discussion thread

    how about something fruity and smooth.....blueberry pale ale?
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    40 oz screw on?

    you could put some bottle wax on the top, that should be a good back up
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    my 5er just became drinkable thread total 375
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    Cheap Kegs

    i might have jumped the gun on that one because of the shipping costs. sorry if you got pumped up like i did about $12:cross:
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    Cheap Kegs

    looks like pin or ball lock but not sure but they are cheap:ban:
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    Sanyo 4912 Kegerator Conversion

    i want to do something like that, mind if i ask how much money you have tied up with that setup
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    Mr Beer

    i don't have a mr beer keg, i just have the brown ale ingredients kit. i think i will make it and see what happens.
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    Mr Beer

    i got a mr beer brew pack for x-mas and i really don't know what to do with it. it says it makes about 20 12 oz servings i have a 6.5 gal carboy so should i.... 1. mix it up with what i have(and have about 4 gal of head space) 2. go to lhbs and get some hoped LME so i can have 5 gal...
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    Insane Guitar Lesson......

    last time i saw the claypool(about 5 years ago) buckethead wasn't there but it was still a killer show. this band called drum and tuba open for them wierdest show i have ever seen
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    What you doing for New Years Eve?

    getting tanked and acting like a little kid
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    color of bottle important?

    keep in mind that corona lables are printed right onto the bottle, also people like to drink them with a lime wedge in them.... i found out the hard way
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    Would These Work As Fermentor?

    I use a 5gal and it works fine
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    Using Draft Soda Dispenser for Beer

    a friend of my dads is going to do the same thing. he worked for pepsi as a tech so it should work fine.
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    Critique my brewstand design please.

    way over my head but it sounds like you have thought it out go for it!!