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    Homebrewdude's Control Panel

    Looking good!
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    Illinois Bcs 462 electric 50A brew system

    I would be very interested in the panel. Does it support 4 elements? Can I see a few pictures of it specifically?
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    Project Fi cell provider?

    My wife has been testing it out while I'm out of the country for the better part of this year. So far in Colorado it has been very good. Another benefit is wifi calling in the house means perfect "reception" (not all carriers have the released so far). When i get back home, i will probably...
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    Illinois SS Immersion Chiller

    If it is not sold. I wish to be next in line for it. Thanks! 80902
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    Plumbing Sanity Check

    Thanks kick flip that's a hell of a build. I would love to do a tippy dumpy with hard plumbing, maybe next time and next build. I've learned a lot this first build alone!
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    Plumbing Sanity Check

    Is the valves above the outlet on your pump for priming?
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    Brew Stand Liquid Plumbing Valve Check

    Hello, (I had this in the DIY Section buried in Brew Stands but was not getting any responses... so I figured I would move it here before I order the items). I'm looking to modify my system to stop moving my liquid lines around during my brew day. (Call me lazy, and/or don't want to burn...
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    Brew Stand Liquid Plumbing Check

    Please Delete. Wrong subforum. Thanks!
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    Plumbing Sanity Check

    No one? I'll give it a few more days until I move this into another area.
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    Plumbing Sanity Check

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my system to prevent me moving my liquid lines around during my brew day. Attached is a picture of what I'm thinking. Since I have stout 20 gallon kettles, everything would be tri clamp and looking at the 1" tees for my bcs probes and 1" 3 way ball valves to...
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    Sparge Arm

    Not a response of this one. Well I'll make a decision and let you guys know how it works out for someone with the same question in the future.
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    Sparge Arm

    Hello, I'm looking to automate the flow during my mashout. I currently have a single tier stand, with 3x 20 gallon Stout Tank kettles, 2 pumps, ran off of a BCS 460 with low pressure propane. The two options I have are: Blichmann Autosparge MoreBeer Ultimate Sparge Arm and then add...
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    Georgia Blichmann Hop Rocket

    Dang looks like I lost it by a minute or so!
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    Georgia Blichmann Hop Rocket

    I'll take it. 80902 for shipping.
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    Illinois Beer gun

    Does it come with the accessory kit? Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    Spike Brewing 12.5gal Conical Fermenter Giveaway!

    In and thanks Spike Brewing!
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    Odell Myrcenary Double IPA

    I'll ask the same question! It is one damn good beer.
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    Colorado Springs brewers?

    Castle rock homebrew I.think is better than what you can find in the springs.
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    Blichmann beer gun

    Price with shipping to 80925?
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    Colorado Springs brewers?

    Brew a little I'll be back in town tomorrow and probably doing another batch this weekend. Peakingfox you can look at mine if you need ideas. 4 tap keezer, which I'm about to replace with a larger upright freezer. Pretty easy to make.