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    reuseing yeast.....

    so I have been reading about washing yeast and just dumping a new batch right on top of a yeast cake after racking. so I was wondering can I just rack and leave the yeast cake in the fermenter for a few days then brew a new batch and dump on top. I'm just really lazy and busy lately and don't...
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    Cheap Kegs

    looks like pin or ball lock but not sure but they are cheap:ban:
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    Mr Beer

    i got a mr beer brew pack for x-mas and i really don't know what to do with it. it says it makes about 20 12 oz servings i have a 6.5 gal carboy so should i.... 1. mix it up with what i have(and have about 4 gal of head space) 2. go to lhbs and get some hoped LME so i can have 5 gal...
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    should i get married in a brewery?

    now that that you are here saying hell ya do it. i have the bad news..... i turned it down! the good thing about it (besides the brew) was it was the wife to be's idea at least i know i got a great i just got to talk her into the taps in the kitchen haha
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    hard ice tea?

    well i just made my first cider and it got me to thinking about other drinks i could just add some yeast to. i was looking at the Arizona iced tea and it says 100% natural, no preservatives, no artificial color-flavors. so it should work...right I was just trying to make something my...
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    re pitch?

    Well my cider has been it primary for almost 24 hours and nothing is going on. the water in my airlock is pushed to one side but isn't bubling. I used 5 gallons 100% apple jucie 2 lb. Brown sugar Nottingham yeast my temp is ~70 the only thing i could think i did was shocked the yeast...
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    well i had to be cheap and try a coppers kit you just dissolve and add yeast well i missed the part where it said "Recommended Ingredients" and it said coppers wort concentrate, yeast, 500 g light dry malt and 300 g sugar well its in the carboy right now ready for yeast and i have no malt but...
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    tastes the same.....

    just tryed a little sample of my pumpkin ale and it tastes the same as my oktoberfest(Ale)....just kinda tastes fruity with just a little hint of beer. neither beer had alot of foam at the top when in carboy. just bottled the oktoberfest saturday and brewed the pumpkin sunday. any...
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    better bottles?

    I was just thinking (yes it did hurt a little) those better bottles look a lot like water jugs on the top of a water would the water jugs work for a primary:confused: ?
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    help the newbie

    hey guys got a few ??? for ya. first i have a single stage kit and brewed midday saturday with a 3 gal boil. 1 should I leave in carboy for 1 week and bottles for 3 weeks(thats what my book said)...or carboy 2 weeks and bottles 2-3 weeks 2 can I open the carboy any time to check the gravity...
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    o'fest for frist brew

    hey guys i'm new to brewing and should be getting kit my friday and brewing saturday but i just found out i screw up all ready....i got the oktober fest from because it was a discount because of the kit but its a LAGER and well i don't know how to do a regular ale. i do have a...