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  1. J

    Raspberrypints Pi3 Buster Arduino Mega 2560... not easy install HELP !

    Hi all is not going well... Raspberrypints Installed ARDUINO Mega 2560 ino altered to 115200 baud rate and pins set to Now the really annoying part.... Doing all that I have been told to do but seems the files are different ie is actually and...
  2. J

    Raspberrypints, Pi3, Buster, Arduino Mega 2560 setup

    Hi all.. been looking through the forum and seen many ways that show certain setups of Raspberrypints. I have so far spent many hours trying to setup Raspberrypints with flowmeters. I have installed Buster on Pi3 all working ok.... Then enter Raspberrypints into terminal window. (RandR+...