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    Nitro Beers, Other Than Stout

    Hey guys, What types of beers are good on a nitro setup other than stouts? I don't have anything against stout, but I just got a new nitro setup and want to try something new.
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    BeerSmith Equipment Profile

    Hey Guys and Gals, I was wondering if someone could help me be a little lazy here. I am still doing all my research and learning while I'm overseas. I just got the beersmith software and would like to setup my equipment profile before I get home so I can start playing around with it and...
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    New Mug

    As the title says, I received a new mug today. It's 24oz and cnc milled from a solid block of billet aluminum. It has picatinny rails, and the handle is an M16/AR15 carry handle. I love it.