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    Star San - foam / ingestion

    Hello, I noticed that most people on here recommend adding their beverage to the bottles while they are still wet / foamy with Star San. I was wondering if doing so may be problematic. The label clearly states to let air dry. Is ingestion of a little bit of diluted Star San mixture /...
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    Easy Stove-Top Pasteurizing - With Pics

    Is it safe to pasteurize in EZ-cap bottles, or will the plastic / rubber part melt or get ruined?
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    How long does cider keep once opened?

    How long does cider keep, at least without effecting the flavor too much, once opened and poured? My first experiment with brewing is a 1 gallon batch of cider. I tried staying as low cost as possible while tinkering with brewing. I don't have any racking or bottling equipment, so I need to...
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    Question about using an airlock

    Hello, I am making my first batch of cider. I have a very basic question. Do you add water into the airlock before or after you insert it into the rubber stopper that is inserted in your container? I've tried searching the forums and haven't seen an answer. Thank you.