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    Illinois For sale, 240v electric system - local

    Current house is likely selling tomorrow. I'm posting this before I move my setup into storage indefinitely. Includes kettles, table, pumps, control panel, hood, exhaust fan, grain buckets with gamma seal lids and corney kegs. 240v system that can run both kettles simultaneously. 10 gallon pots...
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    ITW inline regulators

    Hi all, My CO2 tank took a tumble while jockeying kegs and damaged the regulators. I'm considering replacing with ITW inline regulators. Has anyone used them? Thoughts?
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    Farmhouse brewing supply packaging?

    I just bought five pounds of pellet 2015 crop hops from farmhouse. I was dismayed that 2 of five were sealed, but not vacuum sealed. Is this common for them?
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    Have a conical? I have a question on brew volumes

    Just kegged my first batch from a 7 gallon chronical. Love it so far! I normally hit 5.5 into a better bottle fermentor and approximately 5 into the keg. Rough estimation is that I have about 4.5 on this batch. For those that have a conical, do you find that you needed to up your batch...
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    Foam in the PUMP line?

    I'm running a single tier herms with two march pumps. I recently started seeing foam in my wort when pumping, but not the water side. Pumps are about 3 feet below the kettles. I'm also having a low flow rate issue on the wort side, I'm guessing related to the foam. Anyone else see this?
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    Critiquing a bad brew for a newer brewer?

    I help lead a relatively new brew club. We have a member that has been brewing extract for just over a year. Unfortunately, he seems to be struggling with some of the basics. Temp control, process consistency, etc. I'll preface by saying that I do not have the best palette. Ok, not great...
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    What's your best 'fast' brew beer?

    I'm getting together with a bunch of friend in four weeks to the day and could use something fast, grain to glass (keg). I have several APA, milds, etc that I've done that would work, but I'm interested in what YOUR best fast brew beer is.
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    Accelerated dry hopping

    I had the pleasure of attending a Denny Conn seminar at NHC this year. During the seminar, he made a tea tincture using vodka and a cream whipper. Essentially, you pressurize the cream whipper with nitrogen producing a tincture in minutes instead of days/weeks...
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    Chicago water?

    Hey all, I have the general water report for my town, but it doesn't include specific mineral levels. I was wondering if anyone has a source for this information.
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    Indoor, electric cleanup - How do you do it?

    I've brewed 10 batches on my new single tier HERMS 10 gallon system and I'm trying to develop a good method for mash cleanup. This is my current process. 1. Haul the mash out to the compost. Dump contents. 2. Hose remaining material into the yard. (It's cold out right now, this sucks!) 3...
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    Element rust

    I've done about 10 batches on a new HERMS 4500W system. I noticed today that the base of the element is starting to rust. Any input from the seasoned electric brewers? Do they make stainless elements?
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    Hop suggestions for a common, club brew?

    I help run a burgeoning brew club composed primarily of extract kit brewers. In an effort to help understand grain diversity, we're setting up a common brew. (Everyone brews separately and brings the result to the next meeting) Right now, I'm thinking about 9LB 2row, up to 2LB additional base...
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    Illinois Paintball gear

    The brewing obsession is in full swing and I'm looking to sell/trade my paintball gear. It's used, but still in good condition. Looking for $200 or brewing gear trades.
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    Insulating pad?

    I'm looking at options to put under my e-kettles to add insulation as well as slip prevention. I'm looking at cork mats as well as silicone baking mats. Anyone have some insight or experience? Example...
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    Thank you!

    I just wanted to thank everyone that contributes to the electrical forum. With direct and indirect help from many here, I was able to (nearly) complete my Ebuild. Thank you all!
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    Osmosis Brewing Co. - A new electric build

    I started the planning for an electric brewery the moment that I saw Kal's build. Not one to settle with the road already walked, I started working on my own plans. I knew that I would not be expanding from 5 gallon batches since I'm the only beer drinker. I spent some time considering my brew...
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    Sugar starter vs no starter?

    I'm doing a brew day tomorrow on short notice. Unfortunately, I have no DME on hand. I plan on brewing a 1.050 beer with WLP001. The question is, should I do a starter with priming sugar or skip the starter?
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    recipe recommendation by inventory?

    Does anyone know if there is a site that will list recipes by your current inventory. Example: I input that I have cascade, simcoe and crystal 60. It locates a match or partial match.
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    2014 NHC - tips & advice?

    I'm stoked to hear that I'll finally be able to attend a NHC in 2014. :mug: I'm looking for some tips and advice from those that have gone before me. 1. When do tickets go on sale and should I sign up for an AHA membership? EDIT: (Doh, just saw that it's only open to AHA members) 2. Any...
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    Electrical panel help in E. IL or NW IN

    I'm looking for someone that has experience with electrical/control panel assembly experience in Eastern IL or NW IN. Seems it's beyond my modest expertise. I have all the parts as well as a diagram, so I'm looking for assistance in reading 'electic-ese'.