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    4 wire plug from 100A main panel

    Does the following diagram represent the correct way to wire a 4 wire 50amp plug from a 100 amp main panel off a 50 amp breaker? Ground and neutral are bonded at main. What must be changed if anything? Does it need a separate ground rod?
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    A simple program implementing AJ Delange's formulas for water acidification to a certain pH. No phosphate calculation. C# source...
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    Does any serious brewer use Malic, Tartaric, Citric or Acetic acids?

    Does any serious brewer use Malic, Tartaric, Citric or Acetic acids to neutralize alkalinity and/or control mash pH? If so, what effects do they have on the final product?
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    Acid density tables

    What reference book(s) contain density tables for the following acids (20 degree celcius): Hydrochloric Sulfuric Lactic Phosphoric
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    Water Treatment - Simple vs. Complex (Algorithmically Speaking)

    Simple: 1.) Water report or pH Meter with acid required calculation -or- "guess and test" with acid addition and alkalinity test 2.) Reduce Alkalinity (Salifert test kit (alkalinity and ca), acid additions) 3.) Add Calcium w/ flavor minerals (chloride, sulfate) * - May require dilution for...
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    What is the tipping point of Ca and Mg precipitation in the mash?

    How many mg of Ca and Mg are bound and precipitate out in the mash given a malt makeup of up to 1% phosphates (and I'm sure they bind with other ions also)? Is it an appreciable number such that when adding calcium / magnesium to the mash one could say "I need an extra .5mg/L of Ca and .25mg/L...
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    Sodium Lactate

    In the Brulosophy test on Sodium levels in beer, it was suggested in the comments that sodium lactate or sodium phosphate could be used to add sodium ions. Not being familiar with these chemicals, would they be viable additions and how does one perform calculations for them? For example, would...
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    5000w countertop induction cooktop

    Has anyone used one of these 5000w countertop induction cooktops? Will it work with a pot larger than the 11.8 in. X 11.8 in. top?
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    Alkalinity/pH calculation questions

    Suppose that using a Salifert Alkalinity test kit, I determine that my water has an alkalinity of 3.77 meq/L. Also, suppose that I have 10% and 85% phosphoric acid solutions. 1.) How does one convert 3.77 meq/L to ppm (mg/L)? 2.) How does one calculate the amount of each acid required to bring...
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    Control loop

    Coding a control loop for step mashing. The obvious is a PID loop. How well does a basic loop work: while true delta = desired_temp - measured_temp; if delta > 0 set ssr on else set ssr off end if delay 20ms end while
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    Would low AA hops work NE IPA style?

    Start with low boil bittering - say 20-30IBU from high AA Magnum/Warrior, then a NE IPA style whirlpool with low AA hops like Tettnang, Hallertau Mittlefruh, Spalt, Saaz, Styrian Goldings, etc... dry hop charge on day 2-3... 1318 yeast sounds good, probably no honey malt, and low to no...
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    How does one conduct a test mash?

    I'm curious how one conducts a test mash. (Assuming a test mash is done to determine the mash pH and the amount of acid/alkalinity one must add to correct said pH.) Any pointers or details on the entire test mash process would be appreciated.
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    Custom System vs PID

    What are some of the benefits of a custom system - Arduino/Adafruit controlling SSR/heater element, SSR/pump, and temp probe, vs. just buying a PID. Could make my own interface w/ Arduino maybe a custom hysteresis algorithm. Anyone built a custom controller from scratch? What benefits have...
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    Best methods of using HCL and H2S04

    I've done this in the past and have made good beer, starting with deionized water: 1.) Add Calcium Hydroxide and/or Sodium Bicarbonate to strike water to achieve Calcium and/or Sodium ion levels. 2.) Add HCL and/or H2S04 to strike water to achieve Chloride and/or Sulfate levels. 3.) Heat to...