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  1. toddo97

    Reusing yeast for high gravity beer

    I have a batch of imperial stout that I'll be bottling this weekend and would like to turn around and make another batch in the next week or two. I used Imperial's The Darkness and would like to just add the next batch on top of it. Would this be advisable? I can also pitch US-04/05/Kviek if...
  2. toddo97

    Aerating an SS Brewbucket

    I've been using my SS for about a year now and really like it, but had a thought after doing my last batch. I've always done the shake method for aeration, but if I were to do a big beer or just to ensure that I get enough O2 into the wort, could I hook up an aquarium pump to the ball valve to...
  3. toddo97

    First time cold steeping--question about water additions

    I'm getting ready to make a stout and want to try cold steeping the dark grains for the first time. Based on what I've read, I'm going to double the amount of grains in the cold steep, do a 24 hour room temp steep, and add it to the last 10 minutes of the boil. How do I calculate the water...
  4. toddo97

    Type of vanilla extract to use

    I'm getting ready to make a Xocoveza beer soon and am looking at trying vanilla extract rather than beans since I don't feel like taking out a second mortgage for those. What type of extract should be used--pure is considerably more expensive, but will the cheaper non-pure stuff be noticeably...
  5. toddo97

    Using enzymes

    I just listened to the Brulosophy podcast about adding enzymes to help with normal and stuck fermentations and found it really interesting. I'm wondering if I can use them to help a sour that's been sitting for a year at 1.020 to help lower the gravity a bit so I can safely bottle. I'm pretty...
  6. toddo97

    Two long term sours, two different issues

    So I got around to taking a sample of my two aging sours this weekend. The first is a gose that never soured (I think I let it get too hot during the souring process) so I pitched some Brett C and some pedio and figured it would get good and sour given enough time. It's been sitting for 10...
  7. toddo97

    Starting a house culture

    I'm thinking about starting a house culture of different strains of lacto with some bottle dregs and then another one with different strains of brett. For those who have done this, how have your results been? I'm planning on using a 64oz growler for each batch. I'm assuming I'll start with 1L...
  8. toddo97

    Try out this yeast or chuck it?

    I was going through my beer supply room and opened up a 3 gal better bottle that I ordered, but had no use for, about 6 months ago (early Feb). Alongside the carboy, I found a back of Gigayeast Sour Cherry Funk GB150 liquid yeast that I had the brilliant idea of ordering, but completely...
  9. toddo97

    Weird and probably stupid cold crash question

    I know the big problem with cold crashing is suck back. If I were to use a solid bung rather than an airlock when I cold crash it would presumably prevent any suck back. Once it's reached 32-34 degrees for a day or two, would it make any sense to bring the temp back up to fermentation temps...
  10. toddo97

    Stuck Berliner fermentation options

    I have a BW that's currently stuck at too high of a SG. This is one of my first AG brews so I was paying more attention to the mash temp getting too low and believe it mashed for the first half of the hour (I know--the important half :( ) at 156 (maybe 158 at the beginning) as opposed to the...
  11. toddo97

    UK Lager grain?

    I just found a Brewer's Friend IPA recipe that I want to try, but it calls for UK Lager base malt grain (1.4) as its primary fermentable. Would this be something like Marris Otter or just any old 2-row?
  12. toddo97

    2018 Galaxy in stock at Yakima!

    I got an email today that YVH has 2018 Galaxy in stock. I picked up a pound for $30 which I know is pretty spendy for hops, but I've been waiting for Galaxy for months!
  13. toddo97

    Maintaining mash temp

    I have two BIAB brews under my belt and am getting ready to brew this weekend. I mash on my electric stovetop and rather than doing the blanket wrap thing to maintain my mash temp, I just set the burner on low and frequently stir for the hour. My temps stay pretty steady and since it's low...
  14. toddo97

    Adding fruit to a smoked sour

    I'm getting ready to make my first smoked sour in a couple of weeks and would like to rack off 3 gallons or so onto some fresh peaches. I've never used peaches before so what would be a good amount that wouldn't overpower the smokiness of the sour but still come through. I'm thinking 1 1/2 or...
  15. toddo97

    Question about bulk grains

    I made my first AG batch a few weeks ago (BIAB) and am looking into getting a grinder to save some money and increase efficiency. I want to start buying some bulk grains, but am not sure where to get started. I'm assuming a 2-row to begin with, but what kind and what other grains do you all...
  16. toddo97


    A few weeks ago I brewed a Tart of Darkness clone that was designed as a 5 gallon batch. I had some extra grains laying around so I decided to bump it up a gallon and maybe increase the ABV. I used Wyeast 3763 roeselare blend with an airlock' but quickly had to swap it for a blow off because...
  17. toddo97

    New BIAB questions

    I'm thinking about making the jump from partial mash to BIAB. I'm going to start with 3-3.5 gallon batches because: 1. I have an 8 gallon kettle and can use that 2. I like being able to do stovetop brewing 3. I like the idea of continuing wort chilling with an ice bath 4. Smaller batches=more...
  18. toddo97

    Tart of Darkness souring

    I'm getting ready to brew a ToD clone that came with wyeast roeselare 3763. I've read that the roeselare won't make a very sour beer until the second or third repitch. I also made a starter for it that I sat on a stir plate for 24 hours before finding on their site that they don't recommend...
  19. toddo97

    Headspace for fruit?

    I planned to do a quick gose, but for whatever reason it never soured from the lacto that I pitched (I suspect I let it get too warm). Rather than tossing it, I've decided to stick it in a carboy with some brett and pedio for a year or so to see what happens and then add 5 lbs of peaches for a...
  20. toddo97

    How important is temp after primary fermentation?

    I'm going to brew a gose this weekend and will get to use the temp controlled mini fridge I got for the first time. After primary fermentation is done, I'm splitting the batch into two halves. Do I need to worry much about maintaining low temps at that point? I would think that most of the...