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  1. Jag75

    New spike lids

    Spike fermenters now have 3 ports added to their lids. Looks promising. Though the hop drop opening seems small . I'll definitely be getting one. I love the new look as well!
  2. Jag75

    Beersmith water amounts.

    @Oginme This is conversations from another post . Didn't want to hijack so here we are . My mash water shown to add is 154 gallons . This is for 110.5 # of grain, which is way too much . My mash profile for this beer is the RIMS-HERMS single infusion light body . Then I set for tempature...
  3. Jag75

    What is this ??

    The only negative of the spike temp control coil is that its a booger to clean. I let this soak for days in pbw . Its white and can scratch off but a brush doesn't really do the job. I've always cleaned and soaked in hot water and pbw after each use. Any ideas what it is and how to easily...
  4. Jag75

    Very confusing

    Okay , so I'm using Bru N Water . For my 5.5 gallon IPA I'm using the following. 11.5 # grain bill 4.6 gallon mash - 3 gallons sparge Gypsum Mash = 5.9g Sparge = 2.8g CaCI Mash = .5g Sparge = .3g Lactic Acid Mash = 2.7ml Sparge = 1ml I get roughly 5.28 - 5.30 ph Now I'm scaling...
  5. Jag75

    Whoa , this is interesting.
  6. Jag75

    Step starter

    So I've never done a step starter before since I always brew 5 to 5.5 gallons . I'm going to be brewing 1 to 2bbl soon. I'm using Brewersfriend yeast calculator. It tells me I need a 3 step starter. I really like that it shows how much DME for each step as well . I'm guessing I cold crash and...
  7. Jag75

    Brewing on a 3bbl system.

    I've heard that brewing a 5 gallon recipe to a 30 gallon recipe the hops aren't linear. Using beersmith and setting up the equipment for a 31 gallon batch and the hops come out to 4.5 oz. Where as my 5 gallon batch is .75 oz . This addition is @60 . Thats linear its 6 xs the 5 gallon batch...
  8. Jag75

    Odd color

    I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why my hefeweizen is this color . Its never turned out this opaque before. 6 # white wheat 4 # 2 row Mashed @153 60min Wlp hefeweizen yeast
  9. Jag75

    Scaling up a water profile

    I've looked and can't find any thread or post . I slightly remember one though. If I go from a 5 gallon batch to a 30 gallon batch can I just multiply my gypsum , calcium chloride and lactic acid by 6?
  10. Jag75

    English porter

    I have never brewed a porter. Ive read up a bit on them and trying to brew an English brown porter. 9# MO 1# Brown Malt 1# Crystal 45 1# Choc malt Using East kent Golding hops at 60, 10 and 5 . Ibu approx 24 British Ale yeast , I think 005 . Is the 1# of Brown , Crystal and Choc too much ...
  11. Jag75

    Bottling nitro stout for a comp.

    I know its not possible to bottle a nitro stout . I'm wondering if its possible to take the beer off gas blend , hook up to co2 , change my tap and bottle successfully for a beer competition. Has anybody out there done this ? I want to make sure before I attempt it . @day_trippr - I know if...
  12. Jag75

    Chocolate orange stout

    I'm debating on dry hopping with Amarillo or Mandarin Bavaria. I'm going to use zest in the last 5 min of the boil as well as a orange peel tincture. Anyone thats brewed this style what have you found ?
  13. Jag75

    Dilution of gypsum

    I use Bru N Water . I'm brewing a Wit and I was supposed to put .8g in the mash and .7g in my sparge . My normal practice is filling my Gf with the total water then pumping my sparge water into the pot . Then I add the gypsum , calcium chloride and lactic acid to each . I forgot to pump the...
  14. Jag75

    Oh man did I screw up

    so everything went great today as I brewed my Mexican Lager. It was so smooth . I didn't make much of a mess . Transfered to my fermenter then hooked it up to my glycol. About 5 min later my son n law goes into to pour a pint and he comes straight out and tells me I have a massive leak. So at...
  15. Jag75

    Coconut - lime pale ale

    So we decided to brew this yesterday. For the hops I used Cashmere and Sabro. The aroma was amazing. I used lime zest at the end of the boil as well. The coconut aroma was really good . I was surprised it was so noticeable. Hoping it tastes as good as it smells. Coconut - lime goodness.
  16. Jag75

    Blueberry - Pom - Hibiscus mead

    My son n law and I made our first 5 gallon batch . We've made a 1 gallon at a class we took in December so we thought wed give it a shot . Turned out fantastic. Thanks to @greenmage for posting his recipe . We altered it a tad but am very pleased .
  17. Jag75

    Back to using bags

    So I thought I would try dry hopping with out a bag or commando as some call it. I've always brewed with the process of no bag in kettle but bagged in fermenter. I've had the ability to cold crash but never really tried doing it . So my process was 7 days after pitching I did a yeast dump . It...
  18. Jag75

    Low OG

    I'm normally pretty close to my projected OG . Sometimes I may be just over or just under . So close I dont even worry about it . The last 2 times I've brewed this particular beer ive been under . This time I was way under . Grain bill is 8# 2 row & 3.5# white wheat. My predicted OG is 1.063 and...
  19. Jag75

    Getting to brew

    I haven't been able to brew for myself in about 2.5 months . The last two brews have been for other people . My Dad was in town right before all this covid stuff got crazy so I didnt have time to brew . Now thankfully my LHBS is still open . I splurged yesterday . Purchased stuff to make a...
  20. Jag75

    Sleepy Dog Brewing- Arizona

    I dont know if any of you has had their PB stout but it's amazing. I'm a fan and love Bealching Beavers PB stout and up until I tried Sleepy dogs it was the best PB stout I've tried. If you like PB stouts and you have access to this beer you will love it.