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  1. Jag75

    Any tricks to bitter an under hopped irish red thats way too sweet

    Oh , I see your OG now . Thats a big beer. I see what your getting at . You could have made a hop tea , but since you've already bottled your stuck with what you got im afraid of . Just serve a massive IBU IPA to your buddies first then follow with the red 😀
  2. Jag75

    Any tricks to bitter an under hopped irish red thats way too sweet

    That all looks good to me . 5 gallon batch? That's about 25.8 ibu
  3. Jag75


    If you have intertap faucets , then yes you can buy the stout tip. Beer gas comes in a different tank then co2. I have 75% 25%. I have a specific regulator for that tank as well. I think its different then the regular co2 tanks .
  4. Jag75

    Making homemade vanilla extract

    The last ones I purchased from Amazon were really fresh and not too bad price wise.
  5. Jag75

    Milkshake malt porter recipe help

    This is how you get that milkshake character. If your regular porter is malty you'll be fine.
  6. Jag75

    Making homemade vanilla extract

    Yes the longer the better. My mom makes it and hands it out for Christmas. I believe she does it 6 months to a yr in advance.
  7. Jag75

    Milkshake malt porter recipe help

    Use lactose in the end of your boil. Maybe use a vanilla tincture before packaging as well.
  8. Jag75

    Kegging from CF10 to Sanke Kegs

    You can get the cornie adapters to go on your sanke keg , but I would think you could rig up a transfer hose with the D coupler for sanke.
  9. Jag75

    Question about using pineapple into a NEIPA...

    You can bottle like normal. Just make sure fermentation is done because the sugar from the fruit will kick up fermentation again.
  10. Jag75

    Primary, Secondary, Bulk Aging, and Bottling: Help a guy out

    I'm a 3 week fv brewer. One thing a little extra time in the fv helps with is less sediment in your bottles.
  11. Jag75

    Another slow lager start story...

    Thats my process. I learned that here . Do you have to ? No I wouldn't say you have to. However I always leave beer in the fv for 3 weeks and this process puts me right about there. I also slightly carb at the tail end so if I don't have an available keg I can sample from the fv
  12. Jag75

    High altitude brewing tips

    Hey Corky!! How's everything going ? Hope all is well . I dont know anything about what your looking for but maybe this link can get you pointed in the right direction. You guys still in NM ...
  13. Jag75

    Dividing larger grain recipe kits into smaller brew sizes

    Yes you can seperste them in half as best you can. I'd stick with dry yeast in your situation. Do you have a LHBS that you can get stuff ?
  14. Jag75


    What i have found that works for me is holding 10psi for 10 to 12 days at 55f in my fv. Transfer to my keg and hook up to gas blend . The next day it pours perfectly.
  15. Jag75

    Grainfather pump fail - forced no-chill

    Times like this its good to have extra stuff . I have an old IC that I used when I first started .
  16. Jag75

    Looking for milk stout recipes- please

    This is a fantastic stout. I also soak 4oz cocoa nibs and 4 vanilla beans in Bourbon, vodka or Rum for a few weeks then add before kegging .
  17. Jag75

    First Lager Question

    This is where a Tilt hydrometer comes in handy. It makes it easy to know when to start raising the temp up a few degrees a day until you hit D rest .
  18. Jag75

    No boil sour

    If your not aware of co pitching sour check it out . I would do the boil though. I take it your not adding any hops .
  19. Jag75

    Anyone else overwelmed by the amount of hops in IPAs and NEIPAs?

    I dont like overly bitter stuff either. My IPAs are about 60-65 ibu . My NEIPAs around 30 ibu.
  20. Jag75

    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    1781.5 + 5.5 IBA = 1787