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    Danish Hvidtøl?

    Anybody have a recipe for hvidtøl?
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    Prairie Pirate Noir?

    I just had a chance to try Prairie Artisan Ale's Pirate Noir the other day. It's an imperial oatmeal stout aged in rum barrels. I think I'll just take a shot at a high gravity oatmeal stout and add some oak cubes soaked in rum. Anybody have any special insights into Prairie's recipe?
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    Denver Breweries and Bars?

    I'm going to be in Denver for work in November. I won't have time to make any trips out of the city, but I'm looking for some must-visit craft breweries or beer bars downtown. I'll be staying near the convention center. Any suggestions?
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    Bittering with Bitter Melon?

    In China and Okinawa, Japan, bitter melon (goya, karela, nigaori, etc.) is sometimes used in a bittering agent. Anybody have any experience with using bitter melon in brewing?
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    FT: Wicked Weed Freak of Nature DIPA ISO: Heady

    Wicked Weed just started bottling their Freak of Nature DIPA. It's super fresh! I'd like to trade for some Heady.
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    Blending Fruits For Rodenbach Caractère Rouge

    I'm getting ready to brew a Flanders Red, and I've been thinking about adding fruit later on to approximate Rodenbach's Caractère Rouge. They're supposed to add raspberry, cherry and cranberry and they all seem to come through quite clearly in the finished product. I could imagine cranberry...
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    Starter for old yeast

    The other day, I found a vial of Yeast Bay's Saison Blend on the door of my refrigerator. I bought two last year--one for me and one for a buddy. He ended up deciding he didn't want it, and I forgot all about it. It's "use by" date was August 2014, so I imagine it was made in mid-April. I...
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    Beer in Copenhagen?

    I'm going to be in Denmark for a couple of weeks this summer. Any suggestions about good craft beer in and around Copenhagen?
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    Rebrewing Tart of Darkness: Repitch Roeselare?

    I'm getting ready to bottle five gallons of a Tart of Darkness clone that is nicely soured and ready to go. I'm planning to brew another stout at the same time and transfer it in on top of the old yeast cake (Roeselare)/mass of worked over dried cherries so that I can start a new batch. My...
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    Alesmith's Cask Aged "My Bloody Valentine"

    I'm already a fan of Alesmith's "Evil Dead Red" and, using Jamil's "Evil Twin" recipe, I've been able to come pretty close to it at home. This past weekend, I had a chance to try a cask aged version of Alesmith's "My Bloody Valentine." I expected it to be pretty much the same thing, but it had a...
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    Adha 871 hops from yakima valley: Recipes

    I ordered a can of hop extract from Yakima Valley Hops and they threw in 2-oz of ADHA 871 pellets too. Does anybody have any experience using them? Here's the info about them from their website: "clean, pleasant, floral, citrus, huge mint, herbal, mellow spice, thyme, saaz like, cucumber...
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    Late Addition Hops & Extract

    I'm going to brew an IPA with one of my buddies this week. It's his first time brewing and he wants to start off with extract. He's a big fan of Bell's Two-Hearted, so we're going to use a DME conversion of Northern Brewer's extract recipe: light DME, Caramel 40 and Centennial. I've gone with...
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    Too Much Headspace in Secondary?

    I racked what I planned on being five gallons of RIS to secondary in a Better Bottle last week. However, I ended up giving my daughter a gallon to experiment with aging, so I'm left with only four gallons in the five gallon bottle. I brewed it from a recipe for Courage 1914 Imperial Stout from...
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    Where to go in Santa Fe?

    Any recommendations for good craft beer and breweries in Santa Fe? I'm going to be there for a while and I'd like to check out the local scene.
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    Conditioning Courage 1914 RIS

    Two weeks ago I brewed 5 gallons of RIS, using the recipe for Courage 1914 Imperial Stout from Ron Pattinson's website: Brew day went well and I ended up with an OG of 1.092. I used two vials of WLP007 in a...
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    Adding Bourbon/Wine and Oak

    I'm getting organized to make an addition of oak for the first time. This might be a stupid question, but do I really gain anything by soaking my oak cubes in bourbon or wine, then adding them? Would it be any different if I just sanitized my oak cubes and added them along with some bourbon or...
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    Storing Hop Extract

    I'm thinking about buying a 100g can of CO2 hop extract for a Pliny clone. I'm going to have a lot left. Any suggestions about storing the leftover so I can use it in later brews?
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    Substituting CO2 Extract in PtE Recipe

    I'm getting ready to brew a Pliny the Elder clone, using the Zymurgy recipe as a model. However, I'd like to try to replace the first two hop additions with pure resin CO2 extract. Every other hop addition would still...
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    Sour/Tart Cherry Puree?

    I'm making a sour stout and I'm planning to add cherries later. The recipe calls for sour cherry puree. It's pretty easy to find sweet cherry puree or dried/canned whole sour cherries. Before I work out a substitution, does anybody know any sources for sour cherry puree? If I do make a...
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    Yeast Starter for Cider?

    I got some great fresh, non-pasturized cider out in the mountains yesterday and I have enough to make a go at some cider. So far, the closest I've ever come to fermenting cider is graff. I'm looking at making 1 to 1.5 gallons and fermenting it in a 2 gallon fermenting bucket. My plan is to use...