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    How many fresh hops per gallon?

    I have some hop plants and wanted to make some beer with the hops this year. How many fresh hops would I need per gallon? Haven't had time to weigh yet so are we talking a handful or much more/less than that?
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    Cannot get corker to work

    I've got one if these hand corkers using 19mm nomacorks but I cannot seem to get it to work, it just squashes the cork and seems impossible to get onto a bottle. Any clues as to how they work? The instructions were in Italian! :)
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    Beetroot wine sweet or dry?

    I made a couple gallons of beetroot wine. It's quite dry right now, not very full bodied more like an extremely light rosé. I saw some mentions of it being a dessert wine. If so, how much sugar should I add the second gallon before bottling and sorbating?
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    Co2 tank garage freezing weather?

    Can I store a CO2 tank full on a garage over winter? Temps get down to around -22F sometimes. More worried about the rubber o ring than the gas I think.
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    how often change o rings

    just got some use corny style kegs. They need cleaning but they are holding pressure. How often must you change the o rings and do I have to completely dismantle them to clean them or can I just run fluid through them?
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    Apfelwein recipe

    I've seen edwort's recipe but I fail to see how that's award winning. The award winning must be the type of juice used or the yeast? I mean the recipe is juice+loads of sugar...ferment. that's like every cider :) Any other interesting recipes to share?
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    Not enough sugar for bottling?

    I've tried this same method now for 3 batches and I'm not having much success with carbing. 1 in 10 bottles has a little carbing but the rest are flat. One... That makes me think maybe something was uneven but secondly, I'm wondering if I'm adding enough dextrose. I add: 1/8 cup dextrose per...
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    Convert tower to wall faucets?

    Can you take the faucets from a tower and convert to a wall faucet? Will I need any new parts or can all the existing ones work?
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    Cleaning, washing, sanitising with river water

    I just recently moved all my fermentation equipment to the garage. It has water supply but it's from a river. The water is kind of a yellow tinge either from sand or iron deposits. Some people drink the water straight. I'm wondering if it's okay to use this to wash bottles, etc. I'm assume the...
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    Looking for cider kegging options

    I've always bottle refermented for fizziness before but had mixed success. I'm kind of paranoid about bottles exploding though and thought maybe kegging would be a better option. Kegs are kind of expensive though. What's the best option and what equipment do you need at a minimum? 2 kegs 2...
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    Fermenting in garage winter

    I want to use the garage space to ferment my beers and ciders over winter but it gets way below freezing in there. What's the cheapest DIY way to get a fermentation temperature in there. Old fridge? Some other box I could make with a lizard heater or something?
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    Fine residue in bottles

    I'm getting a fine residue / cloud in my bottles that have been sitting for 9 months. Probably yeast but it's so fine that when you move the bottle or pour, it comes out into the glass and then the drink looks messy like it has bits in it. Should I have racked a 4th time at bottling?
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    Wine refrigerator in garage freezing temps

    It gets to above 30 degrees Celsius in the summer here and minus 30 in the winter. Those fluctuations are too much for wine storage and I was hoping to get into making ice wines and apple wines. If I have a mini fridge stored in the garage or shed (no heating) will they struggle to keep...
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    Removable pen to mark bottles

    What type of pen can I mark dark beer bottles and dark wine bottles with to say the batch and date and then remove it easily again after I've drunk it to reuse the bottles?
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    What container to pick up juice from orchard?

    What containers do people use to pick up juice in bulk from the orchard or do you just take sterilised carboys and ask for a fill? Start the fermentation in the car :)
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    Cider aperitif

    There's a local cider maker who makes a nice cider aperitif around 14%. It's sort of halfway in between a dessert wine and an ice cider. Is there anyway to make something like a dessert wine from cider via home brewing? What would i need in addition to just my normal brewing kit for basic cider?
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    Method for pruning and laying vines down in winter?

    Most of the pruning method I've seen result in a really thick trunk after a few years. However, I've also seen people talk about laying down vines on the ground in winter to be covered in snow etc. If you prune and get a thick trunk, it won't be possible to lay the vines down so is there a...
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    No carbonation

    About 8 weeks ago bothered with the standard 1/8 cup dextrose. None of the bottles have carbonated. I cold shocked them before bottling when they were in secondary to try and clear so wondering if that has killed off the yeast. +1tab sulfite per gallon on bottling. Dissolved dextrose before...
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    Top up one gallon batch with a little unpasteurised

    2x1 gallon jugs just finished primary after about a month. They had sulfite agreed before fermentation for 12hrs then pectic for 12 then yeast. Just racked but I had to top up the secondaries but just realised I used the leftover defrosted unpasteurised juice. Do I need to readd sulfite now...
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    24 hours no sign of fermentation starting

    Using a Belle Saison yeast and 100% raw unpasteurised juice. I added a campden tablet, then 12 hours later some pectic enzyme and shook it, then 12 hours later pitched 1g of yeast dry not rehydrated. Not showing any signs of fermentation after 24 hrs. One jug looks like the edge has bubbles...