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    Clumpy WLP002

    A little :off: but related to WLP007 and WLP002. I have only used WLP007 once (ran it side by side with WLP022) and noticed it dropped to the bottom of the fermenter within a day or so, but, it continued to throw 3/8"-sized chunks of yeast up from the bottom of the carboy back up into the...
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    "BYO British Real Ale" and funky EBC values

    I was reading the third edition of the book put out by CAMRA and noticed that many of the EBC values given for beers seem ridiculous. The first beer listed is a mild with an EBC of 100; which is like 50 SRM. Guinness is listed as 203 EBC. But, there is a porter listed as 33 EBC, and another...
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    Garage Brewing in Cold Weather

    New Jersey? That's practically Florida for Pete's sake. I've seen snow on July 2nd. My frost line goes down almost 3 feet. The ground just goes all tundra on me until May. EDIT: I brew in my barn. It's a little roomier than most garages. Either way, I open the doors in my hay loft and...
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    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    +1 on keeping the percentage of crystal low. (~7%) Crystal when it is malted is malted in the husk to be dextrinous. If my memory serves me, I think it is made at over 160F.
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    English Best Bitter Recipe Development

    First things first. A thicker mash helps keep the mash pH nice and low. There is less water (with it's higher pH) diluting the low pH grains.
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    English Barley Wine

    That UK Amber Malt can come through real strong. You may consider scaling it back to half a pound.
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    Hop Pellets - Strain the Wort?

    When using hop pellets put them into fine mesh nylon bags.
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    Whats the Closest Dry Yeast to WL007

    You know... I miss the days when White Labs sold WLP007 as dry yeast.
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    house yeast?

    The answer is yes. I recently posted a few videos on Chimay. In one of them there is an old man who has spent his life breeding yeasties.
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    Bar Graduation Barleywine - suggestions ?

    I am not a kit-brewing guy but they are good guides... Following the link shows the Northern Brewer recipe. EDIT: You might notice that they are assuming you have an 84% with...
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    Russian Imperial Stout Water Help

    If you must know, I used to live in Shrewsbury and Worcester. I'm one town over now. Although Shrewbury isn't on the MWRA. I think it's on it's own system; either that or with Worcester. Your water is roughly what is listed on the MWRA report. A little harder, but not terribly so. If...
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    Russian Imperial Stout Water Help

    Did you ever figure this out?
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    Witbier Diable Blanche Wit Bier

    Looks good! I was just reading on the Briess website that torrified wheat has a higher yeild in the mash over flaked wheat. It would be interesting to put the claim to the test. I also wonder how the flavour...
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    Looking forward to new white labs strain

    Sounds like a yeast for Belgians.
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    Briess answered the question for me. The answer is yes sir it's okay. And, torrified wheat yields greater extraction.
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    Mr. Malty calculator question

    Maybe I am. Or... maybe I've been drinking too many 6 month old starters from out of my yeast fridge.
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    Re-Used Yeast Fermentation Won't Start

    Far and by far the easiest way hands down to build a yeast library is to eat a whole bunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Take the jelly jars, cleanse them with OxyClean Free, and sanitize the heck out of them in a pot full of Iodophor solution. It is rinse free at 1 oz per 5 gallons...
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    Vorlauf Vessel

    I kind of use a grant I guess... I too knew that word but had long since forgotten it. I use a large super-fine mesh nylon bag and stick the 1/2" hose coming out of my mash tun into it. I do happen to have an extra 15-gallon Polarware stainless mash tun laying around. And, I have thought...
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    Mr. Malty calculator question

    The Mr. Malty yeast starter calculator thing is on drugs. It tells me that I need 6.47 liter starter aerated on a stir-plate for my 10.5 gallon batch of 1.048 wort. I have better pitching rate calculator.... It's a genius system I picked up from a head-brewer. It's called the 4 oz jelly...