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    Higher ABV Sours

    I just brewed a recipe from the back of Wild Brews, a quad that is supposed to be soured with WLP655 after primary with WLP530. The problem is, it is currently at 1.014 from 1.092, which my software says is 10.2% ABV. So I'm worried the pedio will be inhibited and it would be a waste trying to...
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    Wilserbrewer BIAB bag as a filter for cider

    Just wanted to post some info about my successful attempt to filter my cider with lots of thick apple sediment with my fancy new Wilserbrewer viole BIAB bag ( Still haven't gotten to brew with it, but I'll take it. I had some apple cider I had juiced at home with...
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    Cider with (mostly) WLP565 Saison Dupont

    This morning I bottled my Dupont-style saison and saved some yeast. Then I went to the Apple Tasting Festival at the Portland Nursery and brought home these apples: 8 lb Red Winesap 6 lb King David 6 lb Braeburn 6 lb Rubinette Filled a 6.5 gal bucket with apple pieces. Got 2.5 gal out of them...
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    Saison Dupont- trying for clove

    So I'm conducting an interesting experiment I thought I would share. I love Saison Dupont because it has a quality to the flavor I generally haven't tasted in other (still awesome) examples of the style. Being relatively new to pinning down beer esters/phenols, I couldn't give it a name until I...
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    Brett L Belgian Golden Strong and Brett B Saison Partigyle

    Thinking about brewing some partigyle in a month or so and the book American Sour Beers was inspiring with a very basic recipe that mentioned working great for second runnings from a big beer. This will be my first multiple step infusion mash. Looking for high fermentability and some light malt...
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    Sour wort beer at 80 degrees

    I'm doing a sour wort Berliner-style (15 min boil) with raw two-row in the fermenter of second runnings from an Oud Bruin, brewed Sunday. I'm only able to keep it at 80 degrees, so I assume it will take a little longer to sour. I have it nicely free of O2 right now, and ideally I don't want to...