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    Garage Brewers - What do you do to control house and fruit flies?

    Those fruit flys are the worst!! I have lost several batches through the years from them! I had to bug bomb the house or shop before brewing if they were present. Only had problems in the fall though! My buddy that showed me how to brew, science background, said that it only takes one fruit...
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    Wisconsin Moving, Eau Claire / Chippewa Falls area

    Welcome to the area! I live in Holcombe about 40 miles north east from Eauclaire. Great home brew supply in Barron, windriver home brewing supply, has very good inventory! WindRiver Brewing Company . Lots of great micro brews in the Eau Claire/Chippewa falls area, The Lazy Monk has amazing...
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    Spike Conical- observations and best practices

    I have the cf 15. after cleaning, I use star san and let it run out the bottom valve while Im brewing. When the wert has boiled enough, I pump the boiling wert into the fermenter as an added sterilization. Temp gauge in the fermenter says 195 to 200 at that time. The cooling coil cools it...
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    Homebrew grain bill vs Pro grain bill

    Most of my batches are 10 to 15 gals, still learning the new sys, hopefully be happy with it soon! I go out of my way to hit every micro brew I can. Some brewers are very helpful in discussing the brews, often will share yeast, but I have yet to have a brewer share recipes with me, dont even...
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    Spike conical

    I got my Spike cf15 a couple of months ago. On my first batch with 15 gals, I tripped on a hose connected to the temp control coil and it fell 2' to the concrete floor. Not a dent or scratch in it, very solidly made. I pump my boiling wort right into the fermenter and cool it down with temp...