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    Wisconsin 15 Gallon Stout Kettles eHERMS, Bottom outlet MLT, and eKettle (Local Pickup)

    **Price has been adjusted** These items are for "local" pickup/delivery. Zip code is 54601, in La Crosse, WI. I'm willing to travel anywhere within a 200 mile (day trip, basically) radius to meet if you can't come to me. I'm downsizing my brewing setup to focus more on microbiology research...
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    Wisconsin 15 Gallon Stout Kettles HERMS single tier system

    I'm downsizing my brewing setup to focus more on microbiology research and am looking to sell my barely used 15 gallon tri-clamp system from Stout Kettles. The system was only used a handful of times before I got a job as a professional brewer and stopped having time to brew at home. There's no...
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    Wisconsin 2 Inline Stainless Chugger Pumps : $100 each

    These items have been Sold If anyone is in the market for an inline stainless chugger pump or two I have two like-new units posted to ebay. These pumps have only been used a handful of times and were disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled before being put into storage. All seals and...
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    Wisconsin 15 Gallon Stout Kettles HERMS single tier system

    Edit: Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in the various components of the system I posted for sale. Now that the stand has sold I will be parting out the system. Once this post ages out of the front page I will post a new ad for the individual kettles, pumps, and valves.
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    304 Stainless Corrosion Resistance

    I've recently started culturing sour beers, but I do have one question about storing them once their done. I'll keep it simple: Can you safely (for the container) store low pH sour beer in a keg? I'm not terribly familiar with the corrosion resistance specifications of 300-series stainless...
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    Diving into proper All-Grain brewing

    Well, my wife may argue that I'm diving in head first without checking to see if there's even water in the pool. Why? I'm upgrading from my current 3-gallon turkey fryer and igloo cooler stovetop "system" to a beauty: a 15 gallon Stout Kettles system with 2 pumps on a single-tier strut build...
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    5-10 Gallon Single Tier Strut Build

    For the last 5 years I've been an on-again/off-again all grain stovetop brewer. My system was ugly and tiny, restricted to a 3 gallon batch on the kitchen gas stove. Well, those days are done and I'm currently in the middle of purchasing the components for a single tier system. That's where you...