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    Alternative to airlock

    Just started my second batch ( tiny rebel Cwtch), and have a question regarding airlocks. 1st batch I started with a 2 piece bubbler with a steriliser solution in it. Kept having to top up every couple of days. I changed to vodka and that disappeared even quicker. I was considering attaching a...
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    First beer

    Quick update so far. Brew day (25th feb) went ok. Little stressful with regards ocd cleaning as all the equipment was purchased 2nd hand. Small worries so far. 1. OG was slightly below kit calculated. The kit doesn’t give a target OG, only an FG 1.011. Bearing in mind it’s supposed to be a...
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    Brand new brewer

    Hi ladies and gents first time posting. just wanted to gain some advice and opinions. ive sorted my fridge fermentation cabinet and have it running with my stc1000, and now ready for my first brew. Currently only looking at doing extract kits. I have a pilgrims hope ready to go this week...