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  1. BrewTech117

    Keg Problem ... Foam Foam and More Foam!

    Ok Guys and girls, I'm sure this is a often asked question. And yes I have done my home work, I have even called where i purchased 2 Corni Kegs, 5 Gallon, Ball Lock Set up with a Tapright Regulator and 5 pound CO2 Tank. I have been using this thing for about 6 months now...
  2. BrewTech117

    My Single Tier Brew Stand Build

    So this is not much of a “How To” article as much as a documentation of my single tier brew stand I am building. I have been doing extract batches for more years than I should have (5 years) and have slowly been working on going to all grain. I figure a brew stand would work great as a project...
  3. BrewTech117

    Planning a Single Tier Build

    OK so i'm planning to go to all grain and want to build a Single Tier System... First thing I am wondering is what size metal should I use. At first I thought 1 1/4 Square tubing (I may try to run the LP inside a rail) but was told by some non brewer friends that that is too big and i'm gonna...
  4. BrewTech117

    Post Fermentation Adjustments

    So I guess this is more of a Share than a Question, BYO Magazine had a cool article in the Jan / Feb Issue this year that touched upon Post Fermentation Adjustments. I thought this was interesting and had recently brewed a Extract Pale Ale I made ( can attach the recipe if anyone is...
  5. BrewTech117

    Yeast in Root Beer

    So my kids brewed up a 5 gallon batch of extract root beer. We let it carbonate for 1 week and everything was great. Only there is yeast or sediment in the 2 liter bottles. Is there a way to prevent this for their next batch. They think its "ikky" that things are "swimming" in it lol. I have...
  6. BrewTech117

    Sulpher Smell

    So here I am again this time with another possible problem. Im brewing a watermelon wine and have 2 five gallon batches going. My 2nd batch now REAKS of rotton eggs im using redstar (ill butcher the spelling since im on my cell phone) matriarch? Yeast which I heard is know to make this smell...
  7. BrewTech117

    Campden Tablets / Wine ?

    OK I have yet another question , Sorry I'm sure y'all are getting tired of these dumb questions but here goes again: So 5 Weeks ago I brewed a batch of watermelon wine following the recipe here: (A week later i brewed another batch...
  8. BrewTech117

    Watermelon Wine NOOB ?

    So I started my first and Second Batch of Watermelon Wine a Few days ago 08/23/15 and 08/30/15 And have a Few questions. I Ordered all the stuff needed from Northern Brewer in a Vineyard Kit and began brewing this recipe: (Hope the link...
  9. BrewTech117

    Floating yeast

    hi i just pitched my yeast into my watermelon wine yesterday and today when i checked it some of the yeast seems to be floating on top of the fermentation this something that i should worry about or will my wine be ok??
  10. BrewTech117

    1st All Grain Recommendations?

    So I have brewed many kit beers from 2.5 gallon mr beer to 5 gallon from ciders to wines etc. But now I want to take a step back and brew a 1 Gallon batch of all grain. I have done some basic research and this is why i decided to jump down to a 1 gallon batch rather than try out a 5 gallon...
  11. BrewTech117

    Over Carbed

    Ok so I was moving and i found a box of bottled (12 oz) Mr Beer (I think) Porter that has a tag saying I was Carbonating it ...... about a year ago lol. ITs been in this box stuffed in the bottom of the closet for over a year. I placed a few bottles in the fridge and tried one lat night...
  12. BrewTech117

    Keg Setup Recommendation

    Ok so with all the keg set ups out there im just wondering what you guys and girls have and what you would recommend. My goal is to spend around 300 bucks and maybe more if i need to buy extra kegs. I don't have ANYTHING at this point but bottles are getting expensive, and I do save as many...
  13. BrewTech117

    RB from scratch ?

    Ok so im wanting to brew something my buddy's down at AA can enjoy lol. (not serious but i do have a lot of non drinking Buddy) I'm thinking im wanting to make a old fashioned Root beer and here is what i came up with after reading many recipes Hope to make into a 5 gallon batch (don't know...
  14. BrewTech117

    Drinking from the Bottle

    Ok please forgive me I have not been brewing long and have used MR beer kits most of my brewing time. How can you make a beer that can be drank from the bottle, every time i use priming sugar they say to pour from the bottle to glass (but its kinda hard to take a glass everywhere i bring my...
  15. BrewTech117

    MoonShine Idiots

    Ok So im sure this topic has been brougt up before .... but i ran into this last nigh... Im sitting in a brew pub in a small town in Northern nevada (the only place with craft beer in our town) talking with a buddy of mine about the Cider im making at home, when a guy leans in and asks...
  16. BrewTech117

    Campden Tabs / HELP FAST ?

    OK everyone im brewing a hard cider Im a n00b at this and its my first time brewing the cider - I have Campden Tablets (KMS) from NB and was wondering with using apple juice (No preservatives i know) how many i need and how much water i need to blend the 2 together to add to the Apple juice...
  17. BrewTech117

    Brew Room Build

    Hey guys and girls, I'm new to the Forum but wanted to get some advice - I have been brewing for the past 2 years on and off and now just bought a house with a Root Cellar which i plan to convert into my brewery. I only have the basics now a few carboys and pots, a few mr beer kits...
  18. BrewTech117

    Trade Brews / Pen Pal

    Anyone from another part of the world and looking for a USA buddy to share brews and emails about brewing with? I had a buddy from Argentina that i used to write with and he sent me some of his beers before that were awesome we used to trade monthly etc and kept things interesting. Was...
  19. BrewTech117

    NOOB Cider Question

    OK So I have like Five 5 Gallon Carboys with air locks and was thinking of making some Hard Cider. I have been doing allot of research on this and have a few questions still. I know im gona use a Wine yest (thinking Lalvin 71B-1122 Narbonne) 1) What quality do the apples have to be in...
  20. BrewTech117

    Events Reno / Surrounding Area?

    Are there any upcoming events in the Reno or surrounding Areas? I'm from Winnemucca and went to the Craft Brew Festival last year - however I don't see anything this year on it.... Any other events going on for like October fest etc?