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  1. K

    50% OFF for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer Machine — Only $27.49 can get one

    dang, just saw this, if I'm not too late I'll get one. Thanks
  2. K

    FREE TEST for Inkbird new product IBS-TH2 temperature sensor

    That's way cool, and being Inkbird should be awsome. I'll try one for my lagerator.
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    Giveaway for Inkbird Bluetooth bbq Thermometer IBT-4XS with 4 probes!( has ended! )

    Sweet, I could use this. Have been impressed with the Inkbird products I've used so far.
  4. K

    Digital Tap menu ideas
  5. K

    A simple digital Taplist solution

    Thank you SSR, love this. Would it be possible to at a 8oz pour as well? I keep a wine on tap for my wife and those are typically 8oz. Thanks, Kevin
  6. K

    A simple digital Taplist solution

    FYI, turns out it works fine with MS Edge but not Firefox, go figure. Absolutely love this, thank you so much.
  7. K

    A simple digital Taplist solution

    I tried that. It doesn't save changes and is still white. Oh well, I can just leave the laptop running all the time. Love the idea. I was thinking of trying the rasp pints till I saw this. Thanks.
  8. K

    A simple digital Taplist solution

    Keep in mind I know nothing and am lucky based on previous post that I found that.
  9. K

    A simple digital Taplist solution

    I have to say thank you this is great. I use your original link and it works fine. As in post 36, 37 or so I tried to figure out why when I save the page it is white (see below). I can't figure it out. I'm using Firefox. #root, body, html { width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0; }...
  10. K

    Stops in area of Blueridge Parkway

    Thanks Coastalbrew, doing the whole length
  11. K

    Stops in area of Blueridge Parkway

    Hello all, Planning on driving the Blueridge Parkway and wondered what brewpubs are in striking distance. I've found a couple but think there must be more. Give me your suggestions. Thanks, Kevin
  12. K

    1 year free BYO subscription

    good deal, I'll bite
  13. K

    victory twisted monkey clone

    Hello all, I've looked and haven't seen a recipe here. Has anyone used mango puree and if so how much? Thanks, Kevin
  14. K

    Zyurgy Nov / Dec 2014 issue

    Hey all, Is it just my issue or all the issues that are messed up? I have duplicate pages and missing pages, after page 12 I have page 21, then 28 followed by 21 again, then 68 followed by 61, then 68 followed by 77.
  15. K

    Belgian Dubbel

    I have two recipes below. What do you all think, go with the first or second, as is, or do you have a better recipe? Batch Size (Gal): 6.00 Wort Size (Gal): 6.00 Total Grain (Lbs): 13.24 Anticipated OG: 1.072 Plato: 17.40 Anticipated SRM...
  16. K

    Carbonic acid

    Question for you chemistry guys. Carbonic acid is produced when the beer is carbonated. What if you lose carbonation and re-carbonate does the acid level increase? Put another way if the bubble disappear does the acid remain?
  17. K

    Beer candied bacon

    Made it a few weeks ago. I used Creme Brule Imperial Stout.
  18. K

    carbonation level

    Hello all, I've never carbonated a wine and wondered what level of carbonation would be appropriate for a Moscoto. I've done plenty of beer but didn't know if wine was better at different volumes of Co2.