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  1. Jmarsh544

    Homebrewtalk App Issues

    Is anyone else having issues with the HomeBrewTalk app? It was working fine for me until two days ago and now I can’t access anything. I deleted it and then downloaded it again and same issue. I am getting this and similar error messages:
  2. Jmarsh544

    Beer Alchemy App Problem

    I have been using the beer alchemy app i my iphone for years and have loved it. I just upgraded my iPhone and when I went to open the app it said the app is no longer offered. I had already wiped my old phone and now I feel like I lost all of my recipes and brew data for the last 5 years or so...
  3. Jmarsh544

    Stainless Steel Bucket Fermenter

    Looking for two stainless steel bucket fermenters - located in Southern California.
  4. Jmarsh544

    2020 Tokyo Olympics

    My wife and I are heading to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. I am reaching out to the collective group here to see if anyone has any hotel idea or potential insight into finding some lodging. It seems like everything is sold out right now or, from talking with the hotels will slowly come on the...
  5. Jmarsh544

    Beer Gas Setup - Who has made the leap?

    I have always had my eye on running beer gas for a stout tap, but for whatever reason have not made the leap. Who has made this leap and was it worth it? Is it as easy as dedicating a tap, buying another tank and regulator, and pouring a great pint? Any recommendation or pointers on making it...
  6. Jmarsh544

    Favorite American Pale Ale Yeast

    I have been on a 12 year journey to brew the perfect pale ale, and have used all sorts of yeast, malt and hop combinations. I have this nagging feeling that there is a yeast out there, that will compliment my pale perfectly, I just don’t know if I have found it yet. There are trade offs with dry...
  7. Jmarsh544

    California Keggle, MLT and Burner *Orange County, CA*

    I have a 15.5 gallon keggle with a welded port, ball valve and copper pickup. A 10 igloo MLT and one spare igloo cooler never used. An SQ-14 burner. I have brewed hundreds of gallons with this setup, but have since moved on to ebiag. $100 for the whole thing.
  8. Jmarsh544

    California Random Homebrew Items *Orange County, CA*

    I am selling a bunch of my homebrew items that I do not use anymore (I have upgraded past these items). They are: -15.5 gallon kettle with welded in port and a 3/4" ball valve $125 -10 gallon round cooler mashtun with s.s. braid for pickup and a 1/2" ball valve $55 -10 gallon round cooler with...
  9. Jmarsh544

    California FS: EBIAG 120v Custom Controller

    I am selling the custom controller that I have used on my EBIAG system for the last 5 years. The controller is custom built and has has a twist lock plug for both a pump and an element. The PID is from Auber (2356) and the system has an alarm as well as a emergency stop button. The system also...
  10. Jmarsh544

    10 Gallon Brewing Setup *Orange County*

    I just posted my 10 gallon brewing system on Craigslist in Orange County, California. This system has treated me very well for many many gallons. Just thought I would post it here in case anyone was interested.
  11. Jmarsh544

    The Wiring to my EBIAB Element Fried - Help

    So about 45 mins into the boil of my last brew session my temp dropped to about 201 and wouldn't climb. I messed with everything I could think of and let things limp across the finish line without figuring anything out. After things cooled down I pulled things apart, I found the insulation on...
  12. Jmarsh544

    Beer at work?

    I know of a few former co-workers that have moved on to companies that have beer fridges at work and have very loose policies/ encourage drinking at work (obviously as long as they don't get carried away). Does anyone work for a company like this? It seems a lot of the young tech. Companies and...
  13. Jmarsh544

    Such thing as too long of beer lines?

    I just built a 5 tap keezer and bought 100' of 3/16" beverage line. I figured I had extra so I might as well make the lines extra long to prevent foaming. I ran each line 15' long and the tails on my shanks are the super skinny tails that are like 1/8" almost. The problem is at 11psi and 42...
  14. Jmarsh544

    Haier Dual Tap S.S. Kegerator

    Haier dual tap stainless steel kegerator. This unit will hold (3) 5 gallon ball lock kegs and a 5 lb. CO2 tank. The unit was purchased from the beverage factory in San Diego. It runs well, but I am upgrading to a 5 tap setup so I am parting ways with it. The unit is currently setup to dispense...
  15. Jmarsh544

    Mini 2.5 Gallon Kegerator?

    Has anyone ever considered or made a mini kegerator to house a single 2.5 gallon keg? I have been recently making 2.5 gallon test batches and I have discovered that 2.5 gallon kegs are awesome! There are a couple people in my life who I would love to setup with a mini kegerator and deliver a new...
  16. Jmarsh544

    WTB: CO2 Injector Ball Lock

    I am going to pull the trigger on a ball lock CO2 injector so I can take my kegs camping, but I thought I'd check here and see if anyone has one they want to get rid of. I am located in Santa Barbara but would be willing to pay shipping if needed. Cheers
  17. Jmarsh544

    New Town - Need Tap Water Analysis Help

    I just moved to Santa Barbara and am planning on brewing this weekend with the local tap water. I do not have a ton of experience with analyzing and adjusting water profiles, so I was hoping that someone might be able to look at the towns water report found at the link below and offer some...
  18. Jmarsh544

    Flexible eBIAB Controller Help

    Fellow HBT Members, I have been lurking around the electrical portion of this forum for a while but this is my first electrically inclined post. I have dreamed of going to an all electrical system for quite a long time for the ease of repeatilibilty, the convince and the ability or get rid of...
  19. Jmarsh544

    Anyone Have Experience with These Wine kegs?

    Just scored two of these 3.85 gallon wine kegs. Does anyone have experience using them to ferment in or for any other purpose? I am going to pull the spear and see what it's like inside. It appears to have some sort of additional gas in port with a gas storage chamber separate from the main...
  20. Jmarsh544

    Rough Morning - Kegging Issue

    I brewed up a 5 gallon batch of an APA that I naturally carbonated in the keg for the first time. After two weeks of carbing up I put two stainless steel mesh tee balls of cascade in the keg to dry hop. Pulled the relief valve last night to remove the dry hops and beer shot everywhere. I threw...