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  1. plumber_bob

    Key for BeerSmith question

    My phone bricked on me.:mad: I had Beersmith light on it. I paid for a key to let me use it. When I get my new phone will I have to pay for another key? Thanks pb
  2. plumber_bob

    Worked for free today, and loved it!

    I got the chance to help out at a 7bbl brewery today. I freakin' loved it! [Insert a Snoopy dance here] Anyway most of my day was all about watching and picking my buddies brain on the process. The main things I learned were that the concept is the same as homebrewing. The process is a...
  3. plumber_bob

    N/A beer question

    Any other time that I've brewed, the, OG, sample has been pretty good, but the final product was much better. I've been in search of a damned good nut brown, and the other day on, V2.1 I hit what I wanted so very dead on, (og sample), that I almost didn't feel the need to ferment. It tasted...
  4. plumber_bob

    Impressed with my SMaSH!!!

    I did my first SMaSH on 6/4. Recipe to follow. I had been real hesitant about doing this in the past because,... well it was too damned simple and I had a mental block about it working, I guess. Any how, I tried it and it impressed me. Taste makes me picture a BMC light beer but only much...
  5. plumber_bob

    Great, Good, or slow

    Is this fermentation norm for a 10gal batch? Moose Drool with American ale as the yeast. Instead of White Labs English Ale. Only deviation from, Adventures in Home Brewing recipe. pb
  6. plumber_bob

    Salvaging yeast from a comercial keg?

    I'm new to harvesting yeast. I ferment in 1/2 barrel commercial kegs. When I transfer to my cornies I get some sediment that I figure is yeast. And I get what I'm sure is yeast from each corny when I tap them. The thing is, I find that in each case a bunch is left in all three kegs...
  7. plumber_bob

    Beer I love but don't wanna clone

    Sam Smith"s organic chocolate stout. I'm scared my waste line will be affected. That chit is too good. I limit myself to 4 bottles a month. Any thoughts from ya'll? pb
  8. plumber_bob

    Kentucky Louisville KY area: Free to a good home

    I have over 7.5 cases of 12oz beer bottles that are reusable. They have been rinsed as soon as they were emptied. Most twice rinsed. They still have labels and/or foil. Many extra sleeves included. I'm a kegger kinda guy, so I don't need them, but treated them like I would, some day. They...
  9. plumber_bob

    Odd ball screw up

    Started out this morning with a 10 gal batch of, Hex nut brown ale clone from Midwest in mind. Got the HLT up to temp, grain was all ground and awaiting the hot water. Transfer the hot water to the MLT. Grab the thermometer from the HLT and go to put it into the MLT and, tink!!! The...
  10. plumber_bob

    Priming a keg?

    I got about 7 gallons I'm wanting to prime with DME. How much should I use? Or would it be better to force carb it? pb
  11. plumber_bob

    Need advice for a Sanke fermenter

    I'm getting ready for my first brew, (within a month I hope). 10 Gallon AG. My plan is to rinse and sanitize a 1/2 barrel sanke keg that just had Miller Lite in it. The keg will have just been polished off. I plan on using a standard keg coupler with a blow off hose hooked to the gas side...