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  1. tonyc318

    First pour tastes off

    Hey all, Seems like I need to run off a little beer on my kegerator to get rid of an off taste. Maybe a 4-6 oz and then the beer tastes fine. I never had this problem with the hand held picnic taps. I have perlick faucets and about 6feet of line. Do any of you need to clear your tap lines...
  2. tonyc318

    drilling through the door of a 50's GE fridge

    Looking to put faucets on my 50's fridge. What are the tools I need to drill through that steel? Any tips and tricks? Seen plenty of thread on vintage builds, but not many details on how to get the holes in the door for the shanks. Thanks for your time.
  3. tonyc318

    Help me package this properly...

    I did a little experiment and made a graff type ale that got infected. Thought it would with wild yeast from the apples I juiced. I'm ok with that part. My question is, how do I bottle this? If I add sugar will it ferment more and cause bottle bombs? Help would be great as I've never had a...
  4. tonyc318

    You have no control!!!

    So I ran into an old friend recently. We discovered that we both home brew. He was telling me about his system and then asked about my setup up. I told him I do 5 gallon batches using BIAB method. He then proceeded to launch into a long rant about why I need to quit doing BIAB. He said I had no...
  5. tonyc318

    Baby on the way, want to make a beer...

    My wife and I are expecting our first child in November. I would like to brew a beer in celebration that will be ready to drink when we bring her home. I want to make an American red ale. I really want to use mosaic and citra hops, but I need some help with the grain bill. How do I get a nice...
  6. tonyc318

    Starter used days later...

    Just curious here. Made a starter Monday evening. Was hoping to brew Wednesday. Couldn't brew until today (Saturday). Stuck the starter in the fridge Tuesday night. Took it out of the fridge last night. My yeast should still be good to go right? Hope to pitch in about 1-1.5 hours from now...
  7. tonyc318

    Fort George photo contest help

    This is not spam and Im not trolling. I'm a calling on HBT members to help me out. I entered a photo for a contest through my local brewery, Fort George Brewery. Today is the last day of the contest and it ends at 5pm. Prizes are gift cards to Fort George. In other words, BEER MONEY!!!! I have...
  8. tonyc318

    On this Memorial Day...

    ... I am hoping to bottle for the last time before moving on to kegging! The next batch will be kegged. Stoked! Thanks everyone for all the helpful info on the kegging process. I feel very comfortable with this step thanks to the members of this forum! Hope you all have a great Memorial Day...
  9. tonyc318

    Which would u choose?

    So Im thinking up a mock Oktoberfest recipe. I'm trying to decide between WLP029 German Kolsch and WLP810 San Fran lager. Which would you choose for this style?
  10. tonyc318

    Whats your typical rotation?

    I've been brewing for just over a year now, but I think I'm ready to come up with 6-8 recipes that I brew on a regular basis and try to really fine tune those recipes. I'm just curious, what kinds of beers do you all have as your regular beers?
  11. tonyc318

    How to calculate for WLP810

    Hey guys, I'm interested in using the San Fran lager yeast for an upcoming beer. I've been using brewer's friend website to calculate my starters. Should the San Fran be entered as a lager or an ale? I know some refer to as a hybrid. And yes I'm aware of the fact that white labs calls it a...
  12. tonyc318

    To disconnect or leave connected?

    I was just wondering if you guys leave both QD'S hooked up on your kegs all the time or if you un hooked them every night? What are some of your practices? I'm almost into kegging.
  13. tonyc318

    Pouring at the Coast

    This Saturday, March 16th is Seaside, OR's pouring at the coast. There is going to be over 20 brewers pouring over 40 beers this weekend. Event is from 4-9 PM. I really enjoyed this last year. There was a great variety of beers to try. If you're looking for a beer event this weekend, come to...
  14. tonyc318

    name idea please

    Hey all, I have 10 gallons of a Belgian Pale Ale getting ready to be bottled. Im trying to come up with a name. My home brewery is called Pastoria Brewing. I live in Astoria, OR and Im a pastor as my profession. Hence the name Pastoria. I usually name my brews something to do with church/...
  15. tonyc318

    MoreBeer honey ale- GF

    Anyone done this kit? I bought it for the wife. Recipe is 6# sorghum 1.5# honey 1#dried rice extract 4oz maltodextrin 1oz Saaz 3.2% @30 .5oz Saaz 3.2% @15 Pitch us 05 I was thinking about putting the first ounce back to 60 and then adding another .5oz of Saaz at 10 or 5. Brewers friends sight...
  16. tonyc318

    Is this crazy or intersting?

    So I'm going to make up a GF beer for the wife. The recipe calls for a pack of us-05 to be pitched. As I've been plugging the ingredients in to some calculators, I'm getting close to 1.065 on the expected OG. I only have one pack of 05. I also have a pack of s-33. Would it be crazy or...
  17. tonyc318

    mash temp suggestion.

    Hey all. Doing a belgian pale ale in a few weeks. Target OG is 1.052. Im using white labs Abbey ale with an appropriate starter. Any suggestions on a good mash temp? I want a little body and dont want it to be too dry. Is 154 a good temp? Thanks.
  18. tonyc318

    MoreBeer! Belgian Pale ale

    Has anyone brewed this kit? I'm going to be doing this one soon and using white labs abbey ale for yeast. What are your thoughts of this kit?
  19. tonyc318

    To oat or not to oat...

    I'm getting set up to brew NB's pale mild kit. I have some old fashioned rolled oats and was debating maybe adding .25-.5# in the mash. Any suggestions? Pros? Cons? Quick answers please. Thanks guys.
  20. tonyc318

    My palate sucks

    Took some amber ale down to my brewing mentor. The guy has been brewing for 40 years. He said it was a pretty good all around beer. He did say however, that he was picking up a hint of contamination. I'm not getting it at all. He said it was pretty faint and could place it specifically, but that...