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  1. pfish83

    Pitching yeast slurry

    I received a mason jar of yeast from a commercial brewer. A friend got it and they just pulled it from the bottom of the fermenter. It's a day old and has been in my fridge. Anything wrong with just pitching the whole thing since it's so fresh? Should I wash/rinse? Do I need a starter? Thanks
  2. pfish83

    Lowering Ferm temps

    Just bought a house and brewed 4 times in the last two weeks for a house warming party in October. My old house had a basement that was perfect to ferment in without having to control it. This house is very efficient and so the beers have been at 72 pretty consistently (wife won't let me lower...
  3. pfish83

    Looking for Rare Barrel/Pliny

    I can swap some rare Stillwater beers. I live literally a block from Stillwater's home base, Of Love & Regret, which is a bar/bottle shop in Baltimore. Looking for Pliny and anything from the Rare Barrel. Thanks. Mark
  4. pfish83

    Electric Brewing Supply reviews

    For the better part of the last year I have tried to piece together/build my own control panel. My very limited electrical knowledge is having me rethinking the DIY thing and just spending the money on a panel. Does anyone have an panel?? They are significantly cheaper than The...
  5. pfish83

    1k ohm 1w resistors question

    I am putting together one of PJ's control panel builds. I am confused how to incorporate the 1k ohm 1w resistors. I bought a bunch of them and it shows in the diagram to run from line 2 to a fuse (1 amp fast blow) to 2 1k ohm 1 watt resistors. How do you add these to the wires. Do they have to...
  6. pfish83

    Baltimore City Water Report

    Anyone have a water report for Baltimore? Would you like to share? Thanks.
  7. pfish83

    Synergy Brewing Systems or other recommendations

    Looking to significantly upgrade my all grain setup and have been checking out the synergy brewing systems. They seem reputable, reliable and affordable. I don't mind spending a little money because I hope to go the nano route in the near future and would like to use this as a 10 gallon...
  8. pfish83

    Beer Road Trip questions...

    A buddy and I will be road tripping from Baltimore to New Orleans. Along the way we are stopping in Louisville, Nashville and Memphis. Any suggestions on breweries to visit/beer to purchase along the way in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi or Louisiana? Also, I hear the...
  9. pfish83

    Hop Fertilizer Question...

    Attempting my first hop garden this spring. I planted 2 rhyzomes, nugget and cascade. Anyone have tips on good fertilizers to use? I live in Baltimore if that makes a difference. Any advice will help since I am a beginner. Thanks guys...
  10. pfish83

    promo code at

    Anyone know of a promo code to use at kegconnection? I read a post that was dated back in November for free shipping but it is no longer good. Thanks.
  11. pfish83

    Really low OG

    I just began home brewing and have my first 2 batches fermenting now. Both are BB kits (an IPA and Robust Porter). I did everything by the book but in both occasions I got a lower than anticipated OG. For the IPA I got 1.050 when it should have been 1.061-1.065. The Porter was supposed to be...
  12. pfish83

    When to dry hop

    This is my first attempt at brewing and I have decided I want to dry hop. I am making the brewer's best IPA. I transferred my beer to the secondary carboy on Friday (14th). Should I have dry hopped immediately after racking or is it not too late to do it tomorrow (20th)? Second...
  13. pfish83

    ordering live yeast in the mail

    I ordered brew supplies from Northern Brewer in Minnesota but live in NJ. My concern is for the yeast liability. I ordered live yeast. It won't be here for 5 days. I ordered it with two freezer packs but forgot that Monday was a holiday so it's taking longer than expected. Should I be...
  14. pfish83

    not what i was expecting to taste

    I just brewed up my first batch of home brew last SAturday. I got a deluxe home brew kit from Northern Brewer and an IPA kit from Brewer's Best. I followed the recipe and after 48 hours the kreuzen was rising fast so i switched to a blow off tube. Yesterday (day 5) I switched back to the...
  15. pfish83

    When to switch to my secondary carboy

    I apologize if this is a really simple question but I just got a home brew kit for Christmas and I am brewing a beginner IPA from Brewers Best. I have it fermenting now. It suggests a two-stage fermentation and says when the fermentation slows but before it completes, switch to the secondary...