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  1. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

    I could meet you as close as Richmond, 2 hours from my location
  2. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

    Not interested in shipping. Shipping costs and chance of it denting to very high.
  3. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

  4. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

    It’s the conical. I’ll glad send pictures to any interested member.
  5. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

    $450 local pick up ASAP. Chesapeake, VA. Text for more info 904 625 0640
  6. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

    Yes it is. Sorry I hardly log on anymore. Price is still $500 plus shipping, willing to ship now
  7. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

    Drop to $500
  8. Goolsbymd

    Virginia SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster

    FS. SS BREWTECH 7G Brewmaster edition with cooling coil, no heat. Comes with blow off cane, TC fittings for pressurized transfer minus regulator $600 would prefer not to ship due to chance of damage/denting. Willing to drive an 60-90 mins of Norfolk, VA. No trades.
  9. Goolsbymd

    jax FL trip score

    Well after being busy last few days taking my son around I ran into the LBS and walked out with a 4pack of KBS for $24, 2 funky Buddha last snow, 6 pack funky Buddha Floridian and MIA Miami Weiss and 6 pack cigar city jai alai. Going to see how FL "best craft breweries" stack up to VA (home...
  10. Goolsbymd

    Spike... I need a conical

    I too was waiting for spike but about 6 months ago I went with the SS Brewtech BME and it's awesome, I highly recommend it if you don't want to wait.
  11. Goolsbymd

    36 hours = no fermentation with Vermont yeast

    Just give it time. If you pitch in another strand of yeast the flavor profile you are looking for will be different, sometimes this is done by design. However next time make a starter
  12. Goolsbymd

    Is tasting beer 4 days into fermentation any indication of how final beer will taste?

    Also no, yeast need time to clean up off flavors if fermented correcrly
  13. Goolsbymd

    Nutrient in starter?

    Forget what book it was in but it went along the lines of: "Why do you do a starter?, To provide your beer with healthy and correct pitch count. Yeast nutrient only increases the health of yeast. I always nutrient in my starters a lot of yeast sits and is sluggish so I like to give them a bit...
  14. Goolsbymd

    Racked onto Oxiclean :(

    Why risk making others sick. Throw it out, cut your losses and learn.
  15. Goolsbymd

    Conical Racking Issues

    What's the height difference? Is your keg higher, lower or same level as the conical?
  16. Goolsbymd

    American Brown Ale Elk Drool Brown Ale

    Brewed back on 11Jul2016. OG of 1.056. Held ferm temp at 68*. 6 days after pitching 1.012 waiting a few more days for another sample.
  17. Goolsbymd

    Irish Red Ale Raging Red Irish Red Ale

    OG came in at 1.010. Carbing in keg now. Will pull a pint in about a week. Fermented at 68 for 15 days, 24 hour cold crash at 33 not worrying about fineings this time around.
  18. Goolsbymd

    Review: SSBrewTech Chronical 7Gal Fermenter

    I also have the 7g BME and can only imagine how unstable it would be with a lot more height when empty. I love the FTSS system so far and do not own the heater. It has made temp control so easy even just sitting at 68*. Every now and then it will drift so the FTSS kicks on and it over shoots...
  19. Goolsbymd

    Conical attachment for pressurization

    How do you transfer it? Auto siphon or have an attachment to the Tri clamp?
  20. Goolsbymd

    Doubling Down: SS Brewtech Conical + FTSS + Glycol Power Pack

    dshedard how happy are you with the SS glycol chiller? I have a 7 gallon BME and am looking at either buying the glycol chiller or making my own out of an AC unit. The SS one looks so much nicer but costs a lot more money but I could easly grow into.