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  1. 2trout

    BrewJacket Immersion working on a new Fermenter that can cool and heat! !

    There is a new Kickstarter from the folks at Brewjacket for the "Immersion Pro". It is the same basic design of their current fermentation control but adds the ability to raise fermentation temps as well as lower fermentation temps...
  2. 2trout

    KISS-Lime for alkalinity and then follow the Primer?

    Or do I need a ward labs report. Trying to keep thing simple here... Below are the relevant parts of a water report from my city. Some things they don't test for, so I have included what i have. Barium .028mg/l Sodium 1.5mg/l Chloride 2.2mg/l Fluoride 1.1mg/l Sulfate 4.5mg/l...