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  1. llama_boy

    Colorado Complete 1BBL Brewery Ruby Street/Stout Tanks

    Also posted here: Craigslist Ad Complete 1BBL brewery with a Ruby Street Alpha frame and Stout Tanks including 1BBL fermenter. Extensive upgrades; HERMS, tri-clover, sanitary fittings, digital control, inline O2, oversized plate chiller, etc, no expenses were spared. The brewhouse is currently...
  2. llama_boy

    Anyone want Augustiner lager yeast?

    I purchased a 2.5BBL pitchable yeast pack from BSI and am finishing primary fermentation with it now. Since the only known source for this strain (that I'm aware of) is BSI and you have to have a commercial account and order in 1BBL+ quantities I thought I would see if any locals want some. If...
  3. llama_boy

    Colorado 10 Gallon Brewing System $1,250

    Now $950 for the complete system and willing to part out and ship, see next post for details. I'm selling my current 10 Gallon Brewhouse to help fund the purchase of a 1BBL system. Whats included: Brewing sculpture made of thick wall 1.5" mild steel tube Brew Kettle; converted keg...
  4. llama_boy

    Fancy Centennial Blonde

    This recipe is very similar to the original Centennial Blonde recipe which many of us know and love. I wanted a fuller, richer beer so I bumped the gravity and subbed Marris Otter for the base. Doing this required a similar bump to the IBUs so I modified the timing while maintaining the original...
  5. llama_boy

    Moving to sanitary fittings, advice?

    After tearing down my 3-piece ball valves and seeing the gunk that gets stuck in the housing I am ready for something better. The plan is to move to 100% sanitary fittings and butterfly valves. The hope is that the plan will result in less contamination and easier cleaning. I would be interested...
  6. llama_boy

    GABF tix for sale

    I was planning on attending with a large group and the plans fell through. Now I have 4-8 tickets for each session including farm to table. I'll sell most of them and keep a few for myself. If you are interested pm me. All will be sold for $20 over face value plus $5 for shipping or meet me in...
  7. llama_boy

    North DFW/Denton Meet-Up

    I've been hosting a monthly tasting meet-up at my house for a few months now and would like invite anyone from the site that is interested. Typically we taste several homebrews giving feedback to the brewers along with several commercial beers. It's a very low key event with several people who...
  8. llama_boy

    Help, Converted freezer is misbehaving

    I use an upright freezer to cool my conical and lately it has started to misbehave. Specifically it seems to work fine for several hours and then will not cool for several minutes but then starts working again. I use an embedded controller to control the freezer and it is currently set for...
  9. llama_boy

    How to fix too much lactic acid

    I recently brewed an American Wheat beer and had some issues with high pH in the mash. I used 88% lactic acid to bring it down but now I realize I've exceed the flavor threshold. The beer was moved to keg on Monday and the first taste is too tart. I'm looking for suggestions on how to hide or...
  10. llama_boy

    Critique my Red please

    I'm planning a brew for a local club only competition and would like some feedback on the recipe so far and some suggestions for the yeast. The target is an Irish Red Ale (or lager) that adheres to the style guidelines. I love EKG and was thinking of using it 100% and a little heavier than...
  11. llama_boy

    Stuck fermentation or high final gravity?

    I brewed my first milk stout 6 days ago and I'm now worried the fermentation is stuck but it could just be an unusually high final gravity due to the lactose.. I would like to hear some experienced opinions. Here is the recipe: Yield = 11 gal OG was 1.061 17.5 Lb 2-Row 2 Lb Lactose 2...
  12. llama_boy

    Library of FG for commercial beers

    Does anyone know of a library/list of FG for commercial beers? I'm sitting on a diverse cache of commercial beers :ban: and have been testing the FG with my fancy-pants electric refractometer. The results are wide.. Just curious if there is a definitive source out there.
  13. llama_boy

    Looking for GABF tickets

    Yep, I procrastinated a day too long trying to convince SWMBO that it was a good idea for me to attend GABF during her birthday. Well I just got the GABF birthday pass and I'm ready to go but they are already sold out! Does anyone have 2 extra tix for the GABF on either Thursday or Friday? I...