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  1. BrewTech117

    Keg Problem ... Foam Foam and More Foam!

    OK so Maybe 40 PSI is too much - that id maybe agree with - id prefer not the set it and forget it due to the fact that im trying to save time from bottling. Pick nick Taps are what we have at this point - No tower yet Yes we purged the keg (also purged O2 Out when adding CO2 which i forgot...
  2. BrewTech117

    Keg Problem ... Foam Foam and More Foam!

    Ok Guys and girls, I'm sure this is a often asked question. And yes I have done my home work, I have even called where i purchased 2 Corni Kegs, 5 Gallon, Ball Lock Set up with a Tapright Regulator and 5 pound CO2 Tank. I have been using this thing for about 6 months now...
  3. BrewTech117

    My Single Tier Brew Stand Build

    So this is not much of a “How To” article as much as a documentation of my single tier brew stand I am building. I have been doing extract batches for more years than I should have (5 years) and have slowly been working on going to all grain. I figure a brew stand would work great as a project...
  4. Brewery Build

    Brewery Build

    These are pictures building my brewery in a old root cellar under the back deck.
  5. BrewTech117

    Planning a Single Tier Build

    Wish I had the talent to do it in stainless!! Maybe next one.
  6. BrewTech117

    Planning a Single Tier Build

    Thank you jacv. I think I will go bigger than the 1 inch that my lhbs said theirs is built with seemed small to me.
  7. BrewTech117

    Planning a Single Tier Build

    OK so i'm planning to go to all grain and want to build a Single Tier System... First thing I am wondering is what size metal should I use. At first I thought 1 1/4 Square tubing (I may try to run the LP inside a rail) but was told by some non brewer friends that that is too big and i'm gonna...
  8. BrewTech117

    Help with beer lineup

    My 3 on Tap are a : Coffee House Porter , Victory Dance IPA, and a Bud Clone I made for those who don't like real beer :)
  9. BrewTech117

    Post Fermentation Adjustments

    So I guess this is more of a Share than a Question, BYO Magazine had a cool article in the Jan / Feb Issue this year that touched upon Post Fermentation Adjustments. I thought this was interesting and had recently brewed a Extract Pale Ale I made ( can attach the recipe if anyone is...
  10. BrewTech117

    Yeast in Root Beer

    So my kids brewed up a 5 gallon batch of extract root beer. We let it carbonate for 1 week and everything was great. Only there is yeast or sediment in the 2 liter bottles. Is there a way to prevent this for their next batch. They think its "ikky" that things are "swimming" in it lol. I have...
  11. BrewTech117

    Sulpher Smell

    So here I am again this time with another possible problem. Im brewing a watermelon wine and have 2 five gallon batches going. My 2nd batch now REAKS of rotton eggs im using redstar (ill butcher the spelling since im on my cell phone) matriarch? Yeast which I heard is know to make this smell...
  12. BrewTech117

    Campden Tablets / Wine ?

    No the wine is going to go QUICK, My entire work crew wants some and i planed to keep a few bottles for my self but the wife is a wine-o and im sure it will be gone in a few weeks. Id love to wait but I was stupid and made 10 gallons of this stuff instead of one carboy, So now im short I only...
  13. BrewTech117

    Campden Tablets / Wine ?

    DrCad Why does the recipe say up to 5-6 weeks ? I kinda need the carboy lol, I know i am rushing this one - the 2nd batch im gona let sit longer. I wish i had a LHBS but we are in the middle of no where so im limited on buying another carboy .... Its either harvest the wine and brew a new 5...
  14. BrewTech117

    Campden Tablets / Wine ?

    OK I have yet another question , Sorry I'm sure y'all are getting tired of these dumb questions but here goes again: So 5 Weeks ago I brewed a batch of watermelon wine following the recipe here: (A week later i brewed another batch...
  15. BrewTech117

    Watermelon Wine NOOB ?

    So I started my first and Second Batch of Watermelon Wine a Few days ago 08/23/15 and 08/30/15 And have a Few questions. I Ordered all the stuff needed from Northern Brewer in a Vineyard Kit and began brewing this recipe: (Hope the link...
  16. BrewTech117

    Floating yeast

    hi i just pitched my yeast into my watermelon wine yesterday and today when i checked it some of the yeast seems to be floating on top of the fermentation this something that i should worry about or will my wine be ok??
  17. BrewTech117

    Cider diary - 1st batch

    Looks good - How was the carbonation? I messed up on my last batch and didn't mix the sugar with water before adding it so i got very little carb in mine.
  18. BrewTech117

    1st All Grain Recommendations?

    PS can you get the same beer in a 5 gallon kit from these guys ? Beginning to wonder if I shouldn't just jump into the deep end and go 5 gallon considering I have most of the supplies for that and would eliminate some money buying the 1 gallon kits .... I have 5 gallon carboys, air locks and...
  19. BrewTech117

    1st All Grain Recommendations?

    Nice Thank you - Did not see this post - So the video didnt quite explain what i was getting at does this 60 40 20 min thing just mean to add that part of the recipe at those times counting down? IE Add X at 60 minutes.... wait until 40 add Y ..... Wait till 20 add Z ?
  20. BrewTech117

    1st All Grain Recommendations?

    No i didnt get a chance to buy it yet - kinda broke we just moved into a new house and the heat system is not working , hopefully its just a thermostat or something in expensive. After blowing over 10K on down payments etc im kinda tapped out for my brewing funds this next few months. Gona...