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  1. bbrim

    Dry hopping advice

    I brewed 10g of American Pale Ale on Sunday. I used 17lbs pale ale malt and 1lb crystal 40 as the grain bill. In the kettle I hopped with .25oz Topaz FWH 1.5 oz each Centennial and Columbus at 10 1.5 oz each Columbus and Centennial at flameout (whirlpool for 15 minutes). I used Us-05 in...
  2. bbrim

    Chicago Breweries

    I am visiting Chicago in August and will have a Sunday to goof off. I will be with my wife and we both think it might be fun to visit a brewery or two. She loves IPA's and I'm more eclectic but would really like to try an offbeat Belgian beer, or two. We will be staying within walking distance...
  3. bbrim

    First Gold/Legacy hop combo

    I'm working with a couple hops I've never used before: First Gold and Legacy. I'm going to brew a simple pale ale and ferment 5 gallons with Wyeast 3522 and the other half with Pacman. The Pacman will be dry hopped with 1 oz of each hop variety. Does anyone have any input on these hop varieties...
  4. bbrim

    Great luck today

    This afternoon I brewed up a Honey Ginger Ale. Everything went pretty smooth after I repaired some equipment that was damaged last time I brewed. Just before I started the boil my wife popped out the door with some chocolate chip pancakes! What a treat for a hungry brewer on a cold day! I'm...
  5. bbrim

    Honey malt in Ginger Ale

    The title sums it up pretty well. I am going to make a ginger ale and ramp up the ginger a touch, compared to previous batches. So I thought I'd throw in some Honey Malt to balance things out and bring a different element to the beer. I've never used honey malt before. My recipe is simple...
  6. bbrim

    Azacca hops

    I'm looking for some input from anyone with experience using these hops. I've seen some talk about them, I read every thread that even mentions them. Can anyone provide any additional input. Do they add very much citrus? Is the fruitiness very pronounced? Any stone fruit? I've been using...
  7. bbrim

    Oktoberfest-ish brew- advice wanted

    First off, I will be using a clean ale yeast so my recipe is only similar to Oktoberfest. Second, I'm looking for something more akin to a German festival brew rather than an American Fall Seasonal known as Oktoberfest. This means simple, malt forward, and crisp with light hop flavor. So my...
  8. bbrim

    Help me select a yeast

    I really like using a clean, medium high attenuating American Ale yeast. I've never used WyYeast 1056, but I am very familiar with WL 001 and US 05. They are all very well suited for the American Pale Ales and Blond Ales I like to brew (They also make a damn fine Stout or Amber Ale). I don't...
  9. bbrim

    Intensity of bitterness from whirlpool addition?

    My wife is a major hop head. I like them too, but not with the same intensity. It's been a long summer for stuff. I'm seriously considering making an over the top pale ale for her at around 4.6-4.8% ABV. The plan is to mash at 156 for some body and then add a bunch of super high alpha...
  10. bbrim


    Has anyone blended these hops? How about just Topaz and Columbus? I want to make a hop bomb with these with 15/10/5 and whirlpool additions. I'm looking at nearly 80 IBU without a bittering addition. Any input on this combo? Thanks guys.
  11. bbrim

    Quick note on Hops Direct

    I order 5lbs of hops on Monday, taking advantage of their big sale this week. I got my order in before work and they had it shipped out before the day was out. During a sale that is super impressive. I got the hops today and all the bags are very heavy. The lightest bag had 18.5 oz of hops, and...
  12. bbrim

    Interesting thing at LHBS

    I went in to pick up some yeast, a little extract and some crystal malt today. I asked if he still had a supply of yeast from Union Labs, they're a small company out of South Dakota. He said he had a bit left but hadn't heard from them in quite a while so it was old. It sounds like they are...
  13. bbrim

    Just finished a brew

    It feels great. Everything went so smooth. Shot about 4 points high on OG, but i knew I was high because I used my refractometer and I adjusted my hops accordingly. Its so nice when the pieces go together like that. I brewed a mild ale and went no sparge.
  14. bbrim

    Munich/Northern Brewer SMaSH

    I am going to brew on Friday and am on the fence as to what I will brew. I was thinking Black IPA, then some quasi-amber ale...As of right now I am thinking Best Malz Munich Malt ~6L with Northern Brewer hops. 10.5 G 17 lbs Munich 1 oz Northern Brewer FWH 9.9%AA 19 IBU 1.5 oz NB 15min 9.9%AA 12...
  15. bbrim

    RIMS tube for hop stand

    Has anyone ever used their RIMS system to maintain the temperature of their hop stand? I tried this technique today (it is my first hop stand). I cleaned it with PBW, then rinsed it, then ran it through with sanitizer and started the boiling hot wort through it at flame out. I am excited to see...
  16. bbrim

    How does Mild malt compare to Vienna malt/Munich malt

    I've been using Ashburne Mild Malt as the base for my stouts and brown ales. I am going to buy another sack soon but am considering Vienna or Munich instead. Now I know the Munich will be richer but would a 50/50 blend of Munich and 2 row give me a similar level of maltiness? How does Vienna...
  17. bbrim

    Columbus hops

    I'm looking for some input about Columbus hops. I just ordered a pound as well as a pound of Galaxy and Willamette. I also have a good amount of Centennial, Citra, Simcoe and Cascade. Is there one hop that would pair best with Columbus? Should I brew a pale ale, amber ale or something else to...
  18. bbrim

    Christmas Ale

    I'm sitting here sipping my Christmas Ale and I'm just so pumped. Here is the recipe for 10 gallons. I bottled 5g and passed out a bunch of bottles plus kegged 5g and will fill growlers for my friends. This stuff is so tasty. Amt Name Type # %/IBU 16 lbs 8.0 oz Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0...
  19. bbrim

    Galaxy SMaSH

    10.5G 1.042OG 35.5IBU 16 lbs Ashburne Mild 100% .25oz Galaxy 14.8%AA FWH 7.5 IBU 1.25oz Galaxy 14.8%AA 15min 17 IBU 2oz Galaxy 14.8%AA 5min 10.9 IBU US-05 (for 5g) Wyeast 1335 (for 5g) Mash at 155 for 50 min Looks tasty to me! This will be my day tomorrow.
  20. bbrim

    Sorachi Ace question

    I periodically brew a single hop Amber Ale using a standard recipe but swapping out hops. Its a decent brew with nice, but mellow, malt flavors. The beer has been a great showcase for new hop trials. I am thinking of doing this again with Sorachi Ace. I have heard different things about this...