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  1. Jdaught

    Texas Oxygenation setup

    O2 bottle with regulator, tubing, filter and stone Located in Midlothian, TX $150
  2. Jdaught

    Texas Carboys for sale

    2 6.5gal glass carboys 2 5gal glass carboys 1 6gal better bottle 1 1gal glass jug 1 2000ml glass flask 1 bag of bungs, foam stoppers and air locks 1 carboy brush Located in Midlothian, TX $140
  3. Jdaught

    Texas Kettles for sale

    Selling my e-kettles. 1 HLT with 50ft SS HERMS coil, SS ball valves, SS quick disconnects, aluminum lid and electric xlr temp probe 1 Mash Tun with SS false bottom and dip tube, SS ball valves, SS quick disconnects, aluminum lid and electric xlr temp probe 1 BK with SS hop/trub filter screen...
  4. Jdaught

    Texas Bulk Grain for sale

    I've got about 30 lbs of Briess Pale Malt, 40-50 lbs of Morris Otter, 40-50 lbs of German Pilsner, and 40-50 lbs of Wheat I want to get rid of all together. It is all unmilled and sealed in buckets with gamma seal screw on lids. $125 for the lot.
  5. Jdaught

    Texas Barleycrusher Malt Mill for sale

    Barley crusher malt mill for sale with 7 lb hopper. I have used this several times and it works great. $100
  6. Jdaught

    Texas Counterflow Chiller for sale

    Counterflow Chiller with wort out temp gage and ss quick connect fittings on wort in and out. This has been used and works great. Built per the electric brewery build plans. $150
  7. Jdaught

    Texas 2 Chugger Pumps For Sale

    Chugger SS Center Inlet Pump for sale. Bought new and have never even used them. Not brewing anymore and will be selling everything I have.
  8. Jdaught

    Beer gas

    Thinking I might get a stout setup for Christmas. Anybody know where to get a tank filled with beer gas in DFW area? I searched google and didn't turn up anything promising. Sorry if this has been asked before, couldn't find a previous thread either. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers!
  9. Jdaught

    irish stout dark grain treatment

    I'm brewing an Irish stout this Sunday, for the first time, and am wondering what the majority of people are doing with the roasted barley. Where is the perfect level of dark coffee bitterness aquired? Full mash, added at vorleuf, steeped for length of boil, steeped at end of boil, or cold...
  10. Jdaught

    Unmalted wheat

    What type of wheat is Rahr's in malted wheat? Soft white or red or hard or what? I can't find anything saying what it is. Thanks for any help.
  11. Jdaught

    Wine clearing

    How long should I expect it to take for my wine to clear? It's been 2.5 weeks since isinglass addition and it is still a bit hazy, and doesnt seem to be improving since i last looked at it a few days ago. It is a Riesling kit vintners reserve. Thanks for any help.
  12. Jdaught

    Searching for knowledge

    Hello all, I've never made wine before and am wondering what u experienced wine makers would recommend, as far as reading, to learn how to make wine. What is the best book out there that will show the use of kits but focus more on putting together the wine without the use of a kit. I've been...
  13. Jdaught

    Starter question

    Does anyone know if having too high of chlorine or chloramine levels in the water used for a starter would kill the yeast? I don't know exact levels but I can smell it in the tap water. I use distilled for brewing and just add what I need to match a certain profile but I have been using tap...
  14. Jdaught

    My eHERMS build

    Made some progress today, got the kettles almost complete. Just waiting on the temp probes and heating elements to come in. After those are installed the kettles will be complete, then its on to the chiller set-up, pumps, and control panel build. Ready for it to be done.
  15. Jdaught

    Force carb and altitude change

    I'll be force carbing a batch next weekend then bottling. I'll then be taking the bottles with me to Colorado, from Dallas. How concerned should I be about exploding bottles due to the altitude change and what precautions or methods should I use to prevent the beer bombs?
  16. Jdaught

    HLT Herms Build

    Just finished my HLT tank with HERMS coil. Just gotta add heating element then it's on to building the mash/lauter tun. ready to have all this done so I can see what all this electric brewing is all about.
  17. Jdaught

    Pale Ale or Amber Ale

    Anybody got some advice on whether my beer should be labeled a pale ale or an amber ale? It is at the darkest limits of the pale ale category and the lightest limits of the amber ale category. I know these two styles can overlap, I'm just trying to decide which category to place them in for...
  18. Jdaught


    Anyone know how long starsan remains viable when mixed and put in a spray bottle? How often should it be changed out? Thanks
  19. Jdaught

    Help Please! Lager won't start fermenting!

    Heres the situation. I brewed 10 gallons of Bock 6 days ago. Made a start with Wyeast 2308 and it didn't go to well. My methods were wrong and all the yeast ended up doing was taking a nap at the bottom of the jug. Well I pitched it anyway thinking maybe they would spring into action. Well they...