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  1. Mob_Barley

    Free Download: BJCP Beer Style Chart

    Hi Everyone, I've just built a new BJCP Beer Style Chart that is free to download here. I hope everyone finds it helpful. Please post to your favorite homebrewing social media site. Thanks, Mob Barley
  2. Mob_Barley

    Here are some .pdf tables for you to download

    Hi all, I have a few .pdf tables on my website that I thought I would share. One of my most popular pages is the Specific Gravity to Brix Converstion Table. Download a pdf here. Another nice table is the hydrometer temperature conversion table. Download a pdf here...
  3. Mob_Barley

    Can't decide what to brew next? Here are some tips.

    I don't know about you but sometimes the hardest part of homebrewing is deciding what to brew next. Here are some tips to help you decide.
  4. Mob_Barley

    Louisiana Selling my RIMS as seen at

    Hey all, I am selling my RIMS that is showcased on my website at I only brewed with it twice so it is basically new. I want to use the money to fund a start-up small business. I had brewed way over 50 batches with my coolers and just continued using...
  5. Mob_Barley

    Interview with Michael Tonsmeire, The Mad Fermentationist

    Hello fellow beer enthusiasts, I just published an interview on my website with Michael Tonsmeire, the author of American Sour Beers and beer blogger at Hope you enjoy it. Cheers! Bobby Don Johnson bdjwayne is online now Report Post...
  6. Mob_Barley

    Need some photos and recipes for my homebrew website!

    Hi all, I've been working on my website ( lately, updating everything, new design, mobile ready, etc. I put a few invitations on it for recipes and pictures of your brewsculpture or brewing setup. I'd appreciate it if the members of the homebrewtlak forum could help...
  7. Mob_Barley

    Interview with The Beer Chicks at

    For those interested, I have published an interview I did with The Beer Chicks, two ladies and beer sommeliers from Los Angeles. They have recently written a beer book entitled: The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer. The link to the interview is...
  8. Mob_Barley

    Need more propane pressure

    I have a RIMS setup with honeywell gas valves, 10" hurricane burners and a dual stage Marshall regulator on the propane tank. I'm not getting enough propane to the burners. What are my options? The way I see it, I can: 1. Switch out the dual stage regulator for a single stage one or 2...
  9. Mob_Barley

    Burner Wind Shield Design Considerations...

    I'm going to write an article for my homebrewing website about designing the wind shields around the burners in a RIMS or HERMS system. It seems that the wind shield design is something that can have pronounced effects on the burner's efficiency as well as heat transfer and its intended purpose...
  10. Mob_Barley

    Increasing flow on dual gas valve...

    I have two identical gas valves, Honeywell VR8204M's. They are plumbed into 10" Hurricane burners. One burner is getting plenty of flow, and the other isn't. I changed out the springs on the gas valve's regulators to make them work with LP. I screwed the plastic adjustment screw all the way...
  11. Mob_Barley

    Basics of wiring a control panel

    Has anyone written a step-by-step guide to wiring a control panel for those that cannot read electrical schematics but can follow instructions well? I did not have any problems with the mechanics of designing and building my RIMS brewery, but not that it is time to wire all the components, I...
  12. Mob_Barley

    Whirlpool Attachment Question

    I plan on using my immersion chiller in my brew kettle on my RIMS to cool the wort. The plan is to add some ice to the HLT and use the second pump to circulate the ice water through the IC with hot wort being pumped with the other pump through a whirlpool attachment. The reasons why I decided...
  13. Mob_Barley

    Need help with Love Probe and Thermowell

    I've been working on my RIMS for a while and just about finished. I need a link to a thermocouple and thermowell to be used with a Love TS2 controller. One thermocouple will be used in a 1/2" cross with a purge valve on top and the probe coming in from the bottom, and the other will be in the...
  14. Mob_Barley

    Stainless Coiled or straight tubing?

    Coiled 1/2" annealed stainless tubing is much cheaper than straight 6' tubes. How is it working with the coiled stainless tubing? Can it be straightened easily, or is it better to use the straight tubes (and pay much more)?
  15. Mob_Barley

    Manual ignition for boil kettle

    I've already decided on the Honeywell intermittent ignition control for my MT and HLT, but don't know what I need to set up the boil kettle. I will be using Banjo burners which will be low pressure propane. I have a switch set up on my control panel for the BK burner, but would like some help...
  16. Mob_Barley

    Interview with Stan Hieronymus

    Hi all, I have an interview posted on my website that I did with Stan Hieronymus, author of Brew Like a Monk and the soon to be published book Brewing With Wheat. If anyone is interested, you can check it out here: Cheers! Mob Barley
  17. Mob_Barley

    Do You Have Any DIY Projects or Labels You'd Like To Share With Other Homebrewers?

    Hi everyone, I have a website called Winning One of my pages is a place where homebrewers (and winemakers) can show the world their beer labels and tell a little about the inspiration, program used, special tips, etc. It would be a good place for people to see some nice...
  18. Mob_Barley

    Brewing Classic Styles Database

    Hi all, I don't post much here, I guess I'm busy on our brew club's forum. But I just wanted to let everyone know that I made a spreadsheet with all the recipes in the book Brewing Classic Styles. I made it so I could match my yeast and grains in inventory with one of the recipes from the...
  19. Mob_Barley

    How long to wait for competition results?

    Hi, I was wondering how long should I wait for the results of a competition before emailing someone and asking "what's up"? Don't want to name the competition, but it's been two and a half weeks. I'm sure it depends on the competition. I haven't entered that many, so I don't have a point of...