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  1. LeeH

    Pitching Via The Trub Dump

    Any reason why I could not pitch a yeast starter into the FV via a mason/ball jar which is the trub dump? Space it tight in the FV fridge and the conical weighs 50KG so lifting it out is an issue. I’ve made a starter (which is unlike me) with 3 packs of M44 in a jar which I can screw to the...
  2. LeeH

    5/16th push fit shanks.

    Has anybody seen any 5/16 push fit shanks? UK friendly shipping would be advantageous but I do know somebody who could pass them on.
  3. LeeH

    Pump In Keezer.

    Anybody using a small aquarium pump and reservoir sat in their keezer to chill the product lines inside the tower?
  4. LeeH

    Tropical IPA suggestions.

    I’m after a session beer around the 5-6% mark with lots of tropical fruit flavour. Anybody got a good recipe? Thanks.
  5. LeeH

    El Dorardo Recipe.

    Would somebody better than me like produce a recipe using my stock? :mug: Mainly using up the El Dorado. Its a 60L (16 US GAL) batch but I can scale it up on Beer Smith.]
  6. LeeH

    Hop Tea Noob.

    I made a Simcoe and Citra APA, last time I dry hopped in the FV and again in the keg. It was a proper fruit bomb...lovely. This time I just hopped the keg and it no where near the amount of aroma and flavour I want. I’m not shocked at this as it only got 25g of each so half of the total...
  7. LeeH

    US-05, S-04 profile.

    I have just aquired a STC1000 plus so having a play with programming some profiles. I mainly use US-05 and S-04. Does the attached look fairly typical or am I way off? The 48h ramp times are due to me having a 60L conical and the fridge and heaters not being man enough to ramp over 24h.
  8. LeeH

    Five Star Super Moss

    Anybody use with with positive results? Its probably the most expensive kettle finings...
  9. LeeH

    How To Sour A Brewferm Kriek.

    I'd like to make my better half a cherry sour and the most simple way I can see is to use a kit. The idea is (an expensive one) is to buy 2 of the Kriek kits and add candy sugar and a sour yeast. Like to get this right due to the cost.
  10. LeeH

    San Francisco Area

    Ok, I won’t bore you in the detail I’m at the start of a impromptu 5 days in the bay area. Got a visit to Alcatraz, a MBA game, a few pints at the hop granade (looking forward to that) and the 21st amendment. Going to drive across the golden gate and go see the red wood forest. Any other...
  11. LeeH

    Pellets in a dry hopper.

    Is the mesh fine enough for pellets? I normally drop one with full of leaf into the keg but I find pellets are just easier to use/store generally.
  12. LeeH

    DO meter.

    Has anybody used one of these budget DO meters? They seem to have plummeted in price over the past few years.
  13. LeeH

    Replacing chugger with a riptide.

    I have 2 chuggers plumbed in with stainless pipe that I would like to change out. Are the dimensions of the flow/return in the same? Thanks.