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  1. EZCyclone

    Next project - Home Built Gas Manifolds from Scratch!

    So I've taken a little time over the last few days to machine up some hand built gas manifolds. I'm making 4 here, one for my beer manifold, one for my soda manifold, one for a friend and one hopefully to sell. I didn't set out to make one to sell, but had enough stock left over too and I...
  2. EZCyclone

    Home Built Grain Mill - From Scratch

    I feel as though I'm posting this in some obscure corner of HBT being in the "Other" slot in the DIY section. Hopefully it will find those who can use the information within. So after lots of thinking and pondering, I finally decided to build my own grain mill rather then shell out the Mula...
  3. EZCyclone

    It's Time for my bar build!

    Well, I have been absent for some time from HBT. I'm a every-few-night grazer, but barely. I haven't contributed much for the last year, and I've been overwhelmed with the emails asking how I was. This place really is a great community, and you all are great people. So the reason I have been...
  4. EZCyclone

    IOWA Brewers! Echo, Echo, Echo...

    Where's my Iowa brewers? It's awful empty in here. lol
  5. EZCyclone

    Help bottling 17 month old beer!

    So long story short in February of 2012 I made a 5 gal bath of PTE. Sadly life got in the way and this one batch just never got moved to secondary. It's sat in my garage through winter and summer and winter and half of this summer and I got it down to dump. Would you believe it was tasty...
  6. EZCyclone

    Cheap faucets/ short shanks

    I need 4 plated or stainless (not brass color) regular faucets, and one stout faucet, maybe two. I also need some very short shanks as these will be going into a 3.5 inch tower. 90 deg would be preferred. Will also need some other related gear. I have tanks, and that's it at this point.
  7. EZCyclone

    Window Unit Cooled Bar idea

    The idea here is to build upon the experience of all the walk in cooler builds. I would like to build my bar the size and shape I want it, with out the kegerator designating any details. The plan (attached) is to build a long but skinny very well insulated keg cooler with doors on the front...
  8. EZCyclone

    Cutting the bottom out of a freezer...

    Ok, maybe I'm nuts, I know it. I'm running on zero sleep in many hours, and studied till my brain is tapioca for my 9AM Structural Geology exam in the morning. So, this I'm sure is nuts, but, I have to ask. Seeings as the cold falls, is there coils in the bottom of these small coffin...
  9. EZCyclone

    What's your bar top higth???

    Pretty well says it all. I've started in my bar design, and am wondering about the heights you all have chose? Here's the start of my design.
  10. EZCyclone

    Northwestern Weisen Malt extract conversion to all grain help.

    I have recently brewed a nice beer that was just set up as a quickly so I could show a friend how to do extracts. I do all grain BIAB, but this beer is pretty damn tasty! What I need to try and convert is the 3# of Northwestern Weisen DME and the 3.3# of Northwestern Weisen LME. Any ideas...
  11. EZCyclone

    You want to brew in WHAT!?!?!?

    Ok, so another thread got me thinking we need one of these! The thread about which is better, glass of plastic carboys. Well, some of us got a bit off topic (Read WAY off topic) and it got me thinking, we need a place to post crazy idea and outlandish brewing ideas. RULES: This post if for...
  12. EZCyclone

    Woo Hoo 100!!!

    Well, that certainly didn't take very long! This place is addicting!
  13. EZCyclone

    Ames this weekend?

    Anybody in the Ames area doing any brewing this weekend? Interested in brewing this weekend?
  14. EZCyclone

    First Chocolate Stout

    I just brewed my first stout on Saturday! Why did yours take so long to start fermenting? Is five days right? Mine started fermenting in like 5 hours or something, well started bubbling. The problem I'm having is that it stopped like two days later. this also was my first all grain batch, and I...