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  1. zurcj20

    New homebrew shop in Elizabethtown PA

    Hey everyone, a new shop just opened in Elizabethtown,PA. It's called Halligan Homebrew. I haven't been in yet but plan on checking it out this weekend. If you live in the area let's give these guys a shot! They have a facebook page. They are located behind Pizzatown. 2 Spring Garden St.
  2. zurcj20

    First bulk ingredient brew day!

    Well today I got my stuff ready for my first bulk ingredient brew! I used my ugly junk for the first time. I think the grind looks good. I biab so I did it kind of fine. I have my starter going. Just have to weigh my hops in the morning. I'm making the SNPA recipe that is in BYO. Very...
  3. zurcj20

    first batch in my fermentation cabinet

    Here is a pic of my first batch in my ferm cabinet. NB Amber. Holding steady at 62*.
  4. zurcj20

    storing grains

    I am currently participating in my first group buy and am now considering how to store my grain when I get it. My question is, can you store vacuum sealed grain in the fridge? I've read its not a good idea because of moisture in the fridge but if it's vacuum sealed moisture can't get in...
  5. zurcj20

    group brewday question.

    When you go to a group brewday do you pitch your yeast before you leave or when you get home? Also, do you worry about the beer splashing around on the way home?
  6. zurcj20

    Another Craigslist score thread

    Found this on Craigslist. Got it for $25. I plan on using it for fermentation. I'll probably expand it at some point.
  7. zurcj20

    My newest flea market find.

    Found these at the flea market today. $7.50 for both.
  8. zurcj20

    Northern brewer crush

    I am planning on going all-grain soon.:rockin: I an going to do no sparge biab. I want to start with a NB all-grain kit but I was wondering how the crush is. I do not have a mill of my own.
  9. zurcj20

    4 kegs 2 taps

    I have 4 kegs but only two taps. Is it better to store the non-tapped kegs in or out of my keezer? Space in the keezer is not an issue. I was just wondering if it would condition better out of the keezer.
  10. zurcj20

    Out of homebrew. arrrrgh

    Just kicked my keg of centennial blonde. It really snuck up on me. What sucks is that my next batch is at least two weeks out. DOH!!!!:mad:
  11. zurcj20

    temp control

    I've been using the ice bottles in a tub method for temp control. Active fermentation is now complete. Do I still need to keep the temps as low? I was holding 64 with the ice. Ambient is 72. Us-05 yeast. Thank you.
  12. zurcj20

    us-05 temps

    I'm fermenting a batch with us-05. Pitched at 65. fermented at 55-57 ambient. fermentation ended about 6 days ago and since then the temps in my brew room have dropped to about 50 ambient. should i warm this up for a couple of days before kegging or will it be ok to keg at this temp?
  13. zurcj20

    question about lagering temps

    From what I've read, when lowering to lagering temp you should do it a few degrees at a time. Is this necessary because I can hold primary at about 52 but my keezer is set at 37. Can I just go from 52 to 37?
  14. zurcj20

    The good and the bad

    First the good, or should I say awesome! Tapped my first keg friday and boy was it good! I used the set and forget method at 12psi. poured perfect! Now the bad. I bought myself a new glass yesterday. A half liter Spaten Octoberfestbier glass from the flea market. I got it home and went...
  15. zurcj20

    It's been a good couple of weeks!!

    So a couple weeks ago the wifey says I can order my birthachrismaversary gift. A twokeg system from keg connections (free shipping helped). Then I found a chest freezer on CL for he $75. The guy says he's not sure but thinks it's "midsize". Turns out it is 15cf! Today I kegged for the first...
  16. zurcj20

    pin lock leaking?

    I just got a pinlock system and i hooked it up today for the first time to check for leaks. when i hook itup to the kegs i hear the co2 rushing in, then it slows but it doesn't stop. the kegs are empty. how long does it take for the pressure to equalize? when i pull the connectors of the...
  17. zurcj20

    building an ic chiller, need help

    When building an immersion chiller does the water go in the top or bottom? thanks for your help.
  18. zurcj20

    First full boil

    I did my first full boil today. took forever to get the hot break. I hope the improvement in the beer is worth it. I also pitched ona yeast cake for the first time.
  19. zurcj20

    Did I just mess up 5 gallons?

    I bottled a batch today but when i mixed up my starsan i only put .5 oz in 5 gallons instead of 1 oz like the bottle says. Is it gonna be ok?
  20. zurcj20

    Full boils here I come!!

    SWMBO and I were walking through BJ's this afternoon and I came across a 30 QT Stainless steel turkey fryer for $60.00!:rockin: Pretty stoked about this. Next stop, wort chiller! In the mean time what woukd be the best way to cool 5 gallons without a chiller if I can't wait till I get one...