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    Stops in area of Blueridge Parkway

    Hello all, Planning on driving the Blueridge Parkway and wondered what brewpubs are in striking distance. I've found a couple but think there must be more. Give me your suggestions. Thanks, Kevin
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    victory twisted monkey clone

    Hello all, I've looked and haven't seen a recipe here. Has anyone used mango puree and if so how much? Thanks, Kevin
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    Zyurgy Nov / Dec 2014 issue

    Hey all, Is it just my issue or all the issues that are messed up? I have duplicate pages and missing pages, after page 12 I have page 21, then 28 followed by 21 again, then 68 followed by 61, then 68 followed by 77.
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    Belgian Dubbel

    I have two recipes below. What do you all think, go with the first or second, as is, or do you have a better recipe? Batch Size (Gal): 6.00 Wort Size (Gal): 6.00 Total Grain (Lbs): 13.24 Anticipated OG: 1.072 Plato: 17.40 Anticipated SRM...
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    Carbonic acid

    Question for you chemistry guys. Carbonic acid is produced when the beer is carbonated. What if you lose carbonation and re-carbonate does the acid level increase? Put another way if the bubble disappear does the acid remain?
  6. K

    carbonation level

    Hello all, I've never carbonated a wine and wondered what level of carbonation would be appropriate for a Moscoto. I've done plenty of beer but didn't know if wine was better at different volumes of Co2.
  7. K

    Co2 regulator problem

    Hey guys, Anyone have trouble like I am with my Co2 regulator? For a long time it's been fine, but lately it's started to creep up on it's own. I'll back it down again and it will be up a few psi when I see it a few days later.
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    Visiting New Orleans

    Hello all, I'll be spending a few days in New Orleans. Any recommendations? Thanks
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    Headed to San Francisco / Yosemite

    Hello all, So after some web searching I find an amazing number of brewpubs in the SF area. I need to narrow it down so let me have you thoughts. I'll probably only have a day there. Of the many that I found do you recommend any other than these and should I rule any of these out...
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    Simpson Golden Naked Oats

    Hello all, I'm in Maryland and it appears that this grain is not available at any of the LHBS. I'll be driving out to Missouri soon. Do any of you live near the I-70 corridor out to St. Louis then I-44 toward Springfield, MO? If so, are there any shops along the way that I can stop and pick...
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    P/U truck tire recommedations

    Hello all, I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 long bed extended cab V-10 pickup. In 14 years I've driven in the snow once. I do however ocassionally get into sand or forest service roads. Original tires are shot at 70k miles so I've been looking at tirerack dot com and reading reviews. It...
  12. K

    Has anyone done this........

    Hello all, Has anyone used a shopvac to suck the grain out of the mash tun? I'm looking at a new system I'm about to put into action and will be dealing with 44 lb +/- of grain. Currently I just pick it up and dump but that is 12 +/- lbs. I know I could scoop it out, but thought the shopvac...
  13. K

    Brambling Cross hops

    Hi all, I was given some Brambling Cross hops and need suggestions on a recipe. I believe and ESB would be appropriate. I have the following recipe but have not brewed it yet. Any thoughts? 10lbs 2row 1lbs 60L .5lbs Carapils 5AAU Willamette 60min 2AAU Tetts 15min 2.5AAU...
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    grain substitution needed....

    Hello all, I goofed. My inventory shows I have biscuit and aromatic but I don't. The recipe I wanted to brew tomorrow for an Ofest calls for .13 lb (~2oz) of each. I'm thinking victory in place of the aromatic but I'm not sure on the biscuit. Marris otter maybe? I think that's a long shot...
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    Aaaggh, my head hurts, automated systems

    Hello all, I'm new here but not to homebrewing. I currently have a herms in the HLT that is set with a timer and electric elements (two 1500 watt) so it heats to preset with a Johnson controller while I'm sleeping. All else is a manually valved closed system. I'm finding that it's...