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  1. doublejef

    Backsweetening tips

    It looks like a funny things to try (for a 10 year old kid like me). that's what I feared, the bottle can hadle it but it's a mess when you open. In the mean time, I get som feedback from guys who make Champagne. They tell me that pression is a part of the reason why what they add into the...
  2. doublejef

    Backsweetening tips

    And what about pressure? For sure it does kill the yeast at a certain level (or knock it out for good). The question is what level and if some bottle can handle it. Also what happen when you open it.
  3. doublejef

    Backsweetening tips

    What do you guys think about the idea that it is possible to add like 20g/l of withe sugar (twice what we should use for carbonation) and bottle it into champenoise with a cork stopper (with the metal retainer). Some people told me that it will ferment until well carbonated and the yeast will...
  4. doublejef

    Pineapple sour

    It looks the same when I do Tepache (same thing but only with Pineapple skin into water with sugar).
  5. doublejef

    Add pectinase enzymes during fermentation

    I read here and there that pectinase enzymes doesn't work in the presence of alcohol. S I should hurry to add it.
  6. doublejef

    Surprise wild fermentation

    I use to make Tepache which only ferment wild with bacteria from pineapple. It generally start very fast (depending of the T° but could be less than 1 day).
  7. doublejef

    Campden tablets: how to degas without exposing to air contaminents?

    And what about allergic people? A friend of mine told me that is became allergic getting old and cannot drink wine anymore exept for sulfite-free. Otherwise his face turns all red and he get kind of trouble to breath. Sorry for asking again but when do you add sulfite when racking? Into the...
  8. doublejef

    Campden tablets: how to degas without exposing to air contaminents?

    So you use it only to avoid oxydation or there is some other purpose? When do you add it when racking? I guess you dissolve it into the cider before racking. I really would like to avoid sulfite during all the process but sometimes I doubt it Worth the risk when I see that nearly everybody is...
  9. doublejef

    Wild Yeast fementation Experience

    I really love sidra (Asturian cider) but to me it taste way more acid than tanic. Both (acid AND tanic) would be hard to drink imo.
  10. doublejef

    Stopping fermentation part way through

    I'm pretty sure that what your friends don't like is more the lack of sugar than high level alcool. Give them the same cider sweet and they will enjoy it without noticing the ABV.
  11. doublejef

    Surface molds growing in raw wild cider

    Co2 is heavier than O2. O2 won't come into the vessel if there is no lack somewhere. But all those consideration are mostly theorical.
  12. doublejef

    Infection in Secondary - Tried to Repitch

    New yeast should need oxygen to grow and start working. As you want (and I think you are right to) to avoid oxygen, you maybe need to over pitch. Somethnig like 3 time the needed yeast amount and some yeast nutriment. All I wrote here is mostly uncertain, just my 2 cents.
  13. doublejef

    Surface molds growing in raw wild cider

    Air should not be an issue during first stage of fermentation, when active. At the opposive, O2 is needed by the yeast to grow so it is recommended to aerate the juice to help this. And also, when fermenting in a close vessel, fermentation will produce CO2 that will stay on the top of the...
  14. doublejef

    Wild Yeast fementation Experience

    Wow, didn't know about this trick. Sounds crazy to me.
  15. doublejef

    Wild Yeast fementation Experience

    Do you love it funky (leather and horse bed like) or do you have some tips to avoid this dark side of the taste ?
  16. doublejef

    Acidity after fermentation

    Hi folks, Do you guys already try to look at the acidity into cider before and after fermentation buy taking measurements ? How is it moving ?
  17. doublejef

    Wild Yeast fementation Experience

    How do you make wild fermentation with pasteurized juice ?
  18. doublejef

    Experience with Hard Cider from Crispin (Mitsui) apples

    Post just to keep It in mind. I will have a look in my books and give you some feedback once done.
  19. doublejef

    Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)

    Both are possible. You can kill all the wild yeast by using campden and be sure to have a 100% clean fermentation or you can pitch the US-05 as fast as you can to be sure it will grow faster than wild yeast and take the lead on the fermentation. For pure cider, a lot of guys here are doing the...
  20. doublejef

    Rack for homemade press

    I didn't know Voran presses. I just check the website and the biggest one is 650x650mm, 20 layer and a 50T (320bar) press. Mine is 20T but I will use less layer, 10 or so. Maybe I should reduce the layer to 600x600mm. The price for a stainless-steel basket Is very hight, and the yield are...