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    Tilt hydrometer vs thermowell

    I’m fermenting with a tilt hydrometer for the first time. I have an stc1000 hooked up to my refrigerator. The probe on etc is in the thermowell. It is reading about 8.4c (about 47 degrees), and the tilt is reading 56f. Which one do I believe? And what do you do in this situation.
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    Advice on under counter kegerator

    I have a non brewing friend interested in a kegerator to go in his basement bar. He’d like it to be under the counter. His budget seems to be $600-800. It needs to vent out the front to prevent a fire hazard. He sent me a link to 1 which he thinks will work. I hate that it will only fit 1 5...
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    Beer won't carbonate in keg

    I have a pale ale that has been on CO2 for 3 weeks now and it just will not carbonate. I use the set it and forget it method at about 10psi. I know there's pressure going in because it pours just fine. The other 2 taps are also fine. I've made this pale ale about 15 times. Never had this...
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    Cool zone sprang a leak

    Anyone had this happen to a cool zone fermenter wrap. Tried a bike patch, but that didn’t hold. Would love to fix this thing. Right now I’ve gone old school with the wet towel and a fan. I’m fermenting in a 7 gallon Chronical.
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    WLP090 San Diego Super

    A couple of batches ago I wasn’t paying attention at LHBS, and I asked for WLP001 Cal Ale, which I use a ton. Noticed I bought WLP090 after I got home, and my first instinct was to go back to the shop. Second instinct was to research the yeast. I went with second instinct, and I was glad I did...
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    The Post Howdy Pilsner

    I'm determined to brew a "proper lager" for my neighbor. He likes Howdy Pilsner from The Post in Lafayette, Colorado. Does anyone have a recipe for this beer, or have you had it, and can help me build a recipe. I'm an all grain brewer, pretty much single infusion. Thanks
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    WLP800 starter

    Made a starter last night, and was hoping to see significant activity this morning when I woke up. Was planning to add more wort to the starter this am. First time using this yeast. My plan now is to stop by lhbs this morning and pick up more yeast. Just looking for confirmation that picking up...
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    Too much trub when I collected yeast?

    My first time with a conical fermenter. Decided to capture the yeast to re pitch. This is a 7 gallon conical. I opened the valve and ran in a pitcher about a pint and a half of trub, to be thrown out. I then collected in a mason jar the rest of what still looked like trub to me then beer. I was...
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    New conical, trub & yeast first time

    I bought a 7 gal Chronical Fermenter from SS Brewtech. First question is about when to dump the trub? I have a stout fermenting, and will be at 1 week on Sunday. It's definitely slowing down. At 1 week was when I was planning to dump the trub. When I dump the trub, do I pull blowoff tube out...
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    Diffusion stone issues

    I stored my diffusion stone in a ziplock bag after my last brew day. After use, I cleaned the stone and sanitized it, but it looked moldy today. I wiped it with a paper towel, and rinsed it off, careful not to touch it with my bare hands. Then I boiled it for 15 minutes. I believe in that time...