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    Illinois For sale, 240v electric system - local

    System has been sold, thanks for the interest.
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    Illinois For sale, 240v electric system - local

    @tch330 Yup, custom BCS. They are 4500W elements, triclamp. Elements are 100% SS including the base plates. The temp probe on the boil kettle is also a Triclamp. Mash and HLT are inline for better accuracy. I'm using the Blichmann false bottom. Sparge is a line that runs in for fly sparging. I...
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    Illinois For sale, 240v electric system - local

    Current house is likely selling tomorrow. I'm posting this before I move my setup into storage indefinitely. Includes kettles, table, pumps, control panel, hood, exhaust fan, grain buckets with gamma seal lids and corney kegs. 240v system that can run both kettles simultaneously. 10 gallon pots...
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    ITW inline regulators

    Thanks, they had a booth at Homebrewcon last year. Looks like an interesting product, but pricey.
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    ITW inline regulators

    Hi all, My CO2 tank took a tumble while jockeying kegs and damaged the regulators. I'm considering replacing with ITW inline regulators. Has anyone used them? Thoughts?
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    Need Advice on Pekko and Rye

    I had the same thought on Pekko & rye. I used the Pekko & Caramel Rye from the conference in an English brown that was a huge hit. 12 lbs Maris Otter (Crisp) (4.0 SRM) Grain 1 85.3 % 1 lbs Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain 2 7.1 % 8.0 oz Caramel Rye (Weyermann) (35.0 SRM) Grain 3 3.6 % 4.0...
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    Farmhouse brewing supply packaging?

    I sent them a follow up email, not expecting or asking for anything. Thanks for the input all.
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    Farmhouse brewing supply packaging?

    Not yet. I wanted to gather some feedback from others as this was the first time that I've used farmhouse. Hate to jump to conclusions based on a single experience.
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    Farmhouse brewing supply packaging?

    I just bought five pounds of pellet 2015 crop hops from farmhouse. I was dismayed that 2 of five were sealed, but not vacuum sealed. Is this common for them?
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    Have a conical? I have a question on brew volumes

    I whirlpool in the kettle, let that settle, then transfer to the fermentor. I did drop trub, then dry hopped with two ounces. Dropped that, chilled to 60 and waited overnight, then racked clear beer. I'm guessing it was due to the double dump.
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    Have a conical? I have a question on brew volumes

    Just kegged my first batch from a 7 gallon chronical. Love it so far! I normally hit 5.5 into a better bottle fermentor and approximately 5 into the keg. Rough estimation is that I have about 4.5 on this batch. For those that have a conical, do you find that you needed to up your batch...
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    Alcohol content Riddle. Who can solve this?

    I think it works out 5.64%. 5.5 * 16 = 88 cups 88 * .0525 = 4.62 cups 40% of 1 cup = .4 + 4.62 = 5.02 cups 5.02/89 = 5.64%
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    Foam in the PUMP line?

    I'm running a single tier herms with two march pumps. I recently started seeing foam in my wort when pumping, but not the water side. Pumps are about 3 feet below the kettles. I'm also having a low flow rate issue on the wort side, I'm guessing related to the foam. Anyone else see this?
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    Critiquing a bad brew for a newer brewer?

    I help lead a relatively new brew club. We have a member that has been brewing extract for just over a year. Unfortunately, he seems to be struggling with some of the basics. Temp control, process consistency, etc. I'll preface by saying that I do not have the best palette. Ok, not great...
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    Carboy cleaning (after first batch)

    If it's really stuck (ie I didn't clean it right after fermentation finished up), I do an initial rinse with hot water, then soak with oxy clean. I've tried PBW and oxy. Seems like the oxy can leave a *little* residual behind. If I see that, I hit it with PBW. If the first 24-48 hour oxy...
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    American Pale Ale Nierra Sevada (Session SNPA Clone)

    I brewed a 5 gallon batch of this for my BMC friends on an out of town weekend trip. I ran into some mash issues, so it ended a little sweet. The BMC drinker LOVED it. Came home with about half a gallon. Excellent brew.
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    Specialty IPA: Black IPA Heavenly Scourge Black IIPA

    So this thing is a monster beer. By far, the worst brew day that I've ever experienced. I ground the carafa III in a coffee grinder and tossed it in at the last 15 minutes of the mash. No real reason other than "I've done a bunch of stouts, let's see if it makes a difference". Stuck mash...
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    John Blichmann is a stand up Guy!

    I had the pleasure of meeting John at NHC 2014. A really stand up, easy going guy who clearly has a passion for what he does.
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    What's your best 'fast' brew beer?

    I ended up going with the Nierra Sevada from Bier Muncher. I'm bringing a keg of imperial black IPA for myself, so this should serve the BMC crowd well. Do you have a recipe for this? Sounds tasty!