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    Stinky better bottle

    Hi Guys, 3 month ago I forgot to wash my better bottle (I know, I know...but pregnant wife and some other issues makes you forget almost everything). One month later, I saw the better bottle full of fungus and other gray stuff, so I put some bleach and I was going to rinse it but I was on call...
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    First kegerator

    Hi guys, I just purchased my first kegerator. It is used, so I need to replace the faucet (it's broken) and the beer line. I removed the faucet and I don't understand what parts I need to replace. I know that I need a new faucet, but I don't know what piece goes behind the faucet. The faucet...
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    Conditioning Temperature

    Hi Guys, I have an Ed Wort House Pale Ale in my secondary for about 5 days. I want to make it the clearest possible, so I know I need to crash cold the secondary for several days, but I'm not sure when. Should I wait another 10 days an then crash cold or can start the ice bath now? Another...
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    Hi Guys, I looking for a good Heffenweizen recipe for a 5.5g batch single infusion mash. I know there are a few on the recipe database, but I was hoping if any of you guys can recommend a recipe that you have already tried. I was thinking a strawberry Heff with a mild fruit flavor. Thoughts...
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    Re-using Yeast

    Hi Guys, I have an Ed’s Worts House Pale on my primary and I was planning to brew another batch next week. This new batch is using the same yeast (Nottingham), so I was thinking on reusing the yeast. But I don’t know how to do that, can anybody with some minutes to spare explain me how to re use...
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    Odd Fermentation

    Hello Guys, I brewed my first AG on Saturday, I’ve pitched the yeast Saturday afternoon, stick the airlock and placed my ferment bucket in the coolest place in the house. Three hours later I had a lot of bubbles coming out of the airlock, same during Sunday (yesterday). But today I notice the...
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    Another first AG...for a change

    Hi guys, I did my first AG batch yesterday, I also chose the famous and popular Ed Worts House Ale. I hit my water temps right, a little bit cold by the end of the mashing. I end up with 1.036 pre boil, not bad considering that Beersmith call 1.038 on pre boil. 6.50g to boil down to 5.5g in 60m...
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    First AG questions

    Hi Guys, I’m planning to brew my first AG this weekend and a have some questions. I never understood the OG issue; the recipe calls for OG: 1.051, should I take the reading before boil or after? To calculate my efficiency, which OG reading should I use? Pre boil or post boil? Let say I missed...
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    Glass carboy or better bottle?

    Hi, I'm pretty new on this, so I have some questions. 1. What type of secondary fermenter I should use? I read on my homebrewing book that plastic let oxigen pass through but I see a lot of guys here that use a better bottle. 2. What you guys use as a strainer when you go from the kettle...