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    Thar she blows!!!

    Here's a couple pictures of my imperial stout. Starting gravity of 1.097. 2 packs of s-04 in each carboy. Fermentation is out of control. After the first picture I cleaned up the mess and put a casserole pan under the pitcher I'm using for blow off. When I woke up this morning is when I took...
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    Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

    that akward moment whn you write a whole paragraph saying how much you love this beer only to lose it all when you hit comment cause you were not logged in... just happened. so, brew this beer. brew 10 gallons. and set it away for 6 months to a year. Then break into heaven. This beer is...
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    10 gallons Flemish Red 6 gallons sweet mead 6 gallons blueberry p-lambic 10 gallons DFH 60 min clone
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    Is this mold?

    There was never a question of the beer being tossed, I was just wondering if it looked like there was mold. Thanks for all the feedback guys. And as far as "advanced brewing" goes, it's just beer. Wheres the fun in just brewing just simple stuff. I ain't scared of failure, cause every time I...
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    fermentation chamber question

    My advice would be to look on craigslist for a chest freezer. You might be able to get one cheap. Then you would need a temperature controller. If your a diy'r there is a thread on here on making one, just google "ebay aquarium tempature controller"
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    Is this mold?

    I'm at work right now but when I get home I think I will sample it. And i'll toss an airlock on it also. I'd love to have jessica alba in a bottle :D
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    Is this mold?

    ..I put the bacteria in there on purpose. I have 6 buckets/carboys with room for 12 in my fermentation chamber. Even if it is mold... It's just mold. I'm willing to try anything twice. If it turns out gross all I lost is a little bit of beer. But maby it will turn out fantastic. And after...
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    Is this mold?

    I'm not grossed out by it, and I've got enough fermenters to let it sit until I decide if it's good or bad. If I do end up tossing it, it's not the end of the world. I've already got 6 months on it, might as well see how it progresses. if anything ill just rack from under the funk, and see how...
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    Is this mold?

    Yeah I have no plans to dump it. Its been sitting in my family room for about half a year. I do have the opening of the carboy covered with tinfoil so its not completly open. As for yeast it has rosalaire and the wyeast lambic blend. Also the dregs of a couple other sours, so quite a few bugs.
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    Is this mold?

    Flemish red is a sour beer made by adding bacteria during fermentation. People call the bacteria "bugs". there is ussualy a film that developes called a pellicle, but this one looks funky to me.
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    Is this mold?

    Meh.. It's fuzzy. I don't see a huge probem with no airlock though. Look at all the lambics made in open fermenters. The beers been sitting there for 6 months. Only since the last time I looked at it has this new growth occured. I'm not dumping it yet.
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    Is this mold?

    This is white, about 1/4 inch thick, and has showed up within the last month. The beer is a flemish red so there are bugs in it. I have 2 other sours but neither one look like this. Also this is the only one with just tin foil instead of an airlock.
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    Yeast nutrient...anyone use it?

    Why not make a 5 or 10 gallon batch and use the yeast cake for your larger batch
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    can't drink for a month - just started taking chantix

    Chantix is amazing. It did mess with my sleeping for the first week, but well worth it. I smoked for 14 years. After taking the pills for a week cigarettes started to taste bad with no reward. It was gross. Absolutley no cravings, It's been 4 years. I didn't even use the whole prescription...
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    storing grains question

    I store all my grains in blue rubbermaid totes. No problems so far.
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    First Brew Seems Cloudy in Bottle

    Absolutly, some people leave it in the bottle,some people, like myself, just dump it all into a glass. For a hef you actually want to put that yeast back into suspention. So I've been told.
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    Mead maturation

    Hi, how are ya, noob here with maby a noob question. ,I was wondering if there its any benefit to long term aging in the carboy rather than bottle when gravity its stable and letting the mead age in the bottle.
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    6 gallon vs. 6.5 gallon carboy For 30 shipped its worth it even with a blow off