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    "BYO British Real Ale" and funky EBC values

    I was reading the third edition of the book put out by CAMRA and noticed that many of the EBC values given for beers seem ridiculous. The first beer listed is a mild with an EBC of 100; which is like 50 SRM. Guinness is listed as 203 EBC. But, there is a porter listed as 33 EBC, and another...
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    I am looking at making a 10-gallon batch of Witbier. Fermenting one carboy with WLP400 and the other with WLP410. 50% of the grist is to be Franco-Belges Pale... ...and have Gilbertson & Page torrified wheat a-plenty. Y'all think I'll be good if I use Torr.Wheat at 50% instead of soft raw...
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    I now have TWO grain mills

    After many years, I have upgraded from only a Phil Mill to a Barley Crusher, that'll be playing first fiddle. I am thinking I will motorize the Barley Crusher and reserve the Phil Mill for roasted grains and wheat malts, both set at different tolerances and keeping the Phil Mill human powered...
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    My Pretty Infection with PICS

    True to form. Brewed 15 gallons, split it among 3 plastic buckets, dumped 3 different yeasts into it. 2 of the fermentations have my 'typical' infection. I am pretty sure it comes from my abudance of fruit trees on our family orchard. The 3rd fermenter has a new infection. In like 14 years of...
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    Wort Cooler

    I have a random 30 gallon aluminum pot laying around and 100' of copper coiled and a few lengths of copper pipe. I got to thinking that maybe I should build a dual-set of immersion coils into the 30 gallon pot. Where one coil is toward the outer radius and the other coil is on the inner...
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    Cleaning up a yeast bank

    Is it possible to clean up a yeast sample with low levels of infection by plating it onto a sterile agar/gelatin sample, and visually selecting the best looking colonies for propogation? I got to thinking about a way to maintain a samples purity threshold since I figure it is inevitable...
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    Secondary Conditioning

    I use a 14.5 gallon conical fermenter, which I fill with 12.5 gallons of wort everytime I brew. So, far everything is hunky dorie. I have given thought to using a 15-gallon cornelius keg as a secondary. Here's my theory... Primary fermentation of 2-3 weeks depending on gravities...
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    Thomas Fawcett CaraMalt 10.5L

    I have a boat load of Thomas Fawcett CaraMalt 10.5L on hand.... so what's stopping me from brewing up a British Mild SMaSH style? I was thinking 18# of CaraMalt 10.5L to yield 12.5 gallons of brew. If my calculations are correct it should hit 12.5 SRM. :drunk: Anyone ever tried this before?
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    Corny Keg Conditioning

    I am considering racking into one of my corny kegs atop a solution of corn sugar and knox gelatin. Do you think there'd be any issue presented by the gelatin if I let the keg condition for two weeks or so at 70F before crashing it down to 38F in order to clear it up?
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    What would you brew if you had this...

    What would you brew if you had this laying around? 55# Bairds Pale Malt 10# Fawcett Pale Crystal 23.5L 5# Fawcett CaraMalt 10.5L 5# Fawcett Wheat Malt 1.85L 4# Fawcett Amber Malt (36L) 1.5# Fawcett Black Malt (455L) 1# Bravo pellets 1# Styrian (UK) pellets 1# First Gold pellets 1#...
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    Powdered Starsan

    Is there a powdered form of Starsan?
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    Phil Mill

    Who here uses the Phil Mill to get their crush on?
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    Hoff Stevens to Firkin Style Caske Conversion

    Hoff Stevens to Firkin Style Caske Conversion Use the side port for a low PSI CO2 bleed.... any other ideas. Has anyone ever done this?
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    Exhaustive Extraction

    Just a thought to toy with.... Let's say I am mashing 10# of pale malt for a 5 gallon final volume. We do the mash like every other mash, and proceed with a batch sparge. First runnings are drain off at just the right rate. Now the twist... Let's say that we pull out two pounds or so of...
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    Conditioning the Malt Before Crush

    Anyone have anything to say regarding experience slightly wetting the malt, in order keep the husks intact, before running it through the rollers?
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    Wyeast 1469 'Tim Taylor's Landlord' Petition Thread

    I want Wyeast 1469. Please make some more at your big yeast factory in the sky!
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    White Labs Platinum Strains

    I am expecting my White Labs Yorkshire yeast vials any day now. Does White Labs cycle their platinum strains every year? In other words, will we be able to get our hands on them next year or is White Labs more like Wyeast, in the way that Wyeast releases a strain they keep under lock and...
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    Two Stage Cold Fermentation

    What do they mean by 'two stage cold fermentation' with high-gravity brews?
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    Ferm. Temp. Control

    During me daily disgustingly 15mph stop & go, two-hour commute home, I had a thought of ways to control fermentation temperature. I am sure someone has already beat me to the punch but isn't there a way to.... Run a copper coil along the inside of a fermenter and pump a fluid, using a...